Which is your favorite music production software? There are many in number. You can handle any of them as per your desires and suitability. It is best to begin with software utilities that let you create audio loops ensuring that all your requirements are fulfilled in the better way.

You can check such music production software on social media sites like SoundCloud and MySpace. Here is the list of top and best music production software.

1. FL Studio 11

fl studio 11

FL Studio 11 is one of the most complete music production software.

  • It is available for instant download on the internet.
  • It comes with a wide variety of features.
  • This lets you compose, record, edit, and mix the music with great ease.
  • It is a sort of Digital Audio Workstation.
    It comes with option of editing audio files.
  • It even corrects the files as per your convenience.
  • You can also enjoy the real-time effects like filtering and delays option.
  • This helps to create instrumental sounds with equipment like electric guitars, bass etc.
  • This is supportive for multi-channel audio inputs.
  • With it you can record anything from the voice of speakers to sounds of different instruments easily.
  • It comes with variety of plugins.
  • The operating systems it supports are Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (Service Pack 3), and Mac OS X 10.8.


lmms 2

Linux Multi Media Studio, better known as LMMS, is one of the best free music production software.

  • It is a nice kind of music editor and music maker.
  • This does not keep you restricted to single platform.
  • You can use it on both Windows and Linux.
  • It is user friendly but the interface is quite complex to go with.
  • You can enjoy its features like everything from recording and editing of songs through the song-editor to mixing audios and sounds through an FX mixer.
  • It is supportive with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Ubuntu like operating systems.

3. Hydrogen


Hydrogen is one of the finest music production software.

  • This free music creating software is packed with bundles of specifications.
  • It is easy to understand and can be used by newcomers too.
  • The software has patterns in a chain format so that you can insert them to the songs of your choice.
  • This comes with option of enjoying variety of tracks.
  • It is easy to import.
  • The software plays multiple patterns simultaneously.
  • It is supportive for operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Ubuntu.

4. Logic Pro X

logic pro x

5. Studio One

studio one

6. Magix


7. Mixxx


How to install music production software

For installing the music production software, you first need to download MAGIX Music Maker and make music that blows listeners away. Then you have to install the 30-day money-back guarantee software before paying anything.
Download MAGIX Music Maker now and get started right away. You can even combine loops & sounds with variety of instruments. Create your personal remix and publish the songs. You can also share the songs with friends and family members of social media.
You can install the music production software on the systems supporting 64 bit OS but there are limited free 64 bit VST’s. It needs your system to be powerful. You can use the 32 bit app (if plugins are to be accompanied) on a 64 bit OS. Be assured that the software does not prove to be fragile on your computer device or smartphone.

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