Here we are going to talk about the finest and most suitable QR code generator software downloads. With them, you can get facilitated more and more. The interesting thing is that these software are easy to use, and all are absolutely free. They are ideal for commercial and personal uses as well as for advertising. Before we go into the details of the QR code generator software, let us first describe which QR code is! A QR Code (Quick Response) is an easy to read mobile phone code that will be storing website addresses, texts, numbers, and email IDs for you. Besides this, you can save alphanumeric data into them. Generating a QR code requires different options. Only people with technical mind can do this task. These software are good in a way that they will generate QR codes for you. You can even track and analyze the performance of your code. These are very unique in features and are compatible with all QR code readers.

Although there are dozens of QR code generator software but the interesting thing is that the following ones are reliable. These are my best suggestions and you would be happy to work with them.

1. For QRCode

for qrcode

Free Download is one of best free QR code generator tools.

  • It is good for personal use.
  • This always gives quality results in the formats including PNG, SVG, EPS, Supports Links, Locations, E-mails, Texts, Calls, and V-card. This comes with responsive design.
  • It gives stunning and reliable results.

2. Kaywa QR Code

kaywa qr code

Free Download

With Kaywa everyone can create unlimited QR codes with static information.

  • This software comes at no cost.
  • It can change, track, and edit your already present codes.
  • Also it is compatible with all mobile phones and can scan information for you.

3. QRStuff


Free Download

QRStuff is a cost-free QR code generator and QR code online creator.

  • With it, you can easily generate QR codes and can later on get them printed. Also this tool works best with any of the mobile phone devices.
  • It has capacity of giving results in the form of readable 2D barcode.
  • This barcode contains URLs, Google Maps locations, social media links, and Vcard contact information.



Free Download

Here comes yet another free QR code generator software.

  • It comes with many options and generates “read” to texts, URLs, phone numbers, SMS, or vCard.
  • This lets you save the contact numbers and other details efficiently.
  • The code gives instant results.

5. QR Code Generator

qr code generator

Free Download

Here comes a free QR code generating tool with dynamic features.

  • This is helpful to make your QR codes personal.
  • It also has capacity of creating codes for professional use.
  • With it, you can track, analyze, and evaluate codes, texts, and other information.

6. QR Code Monkey

qr code monkey

Free Download

QR Code Monkey is one of the finest, free QR code generators.

  • It can create codes with logo-pictures.
  • You can use them on URLs, vcards, social media, youtube, and other platforms.

All of these tools will give you amazing results. So, you must choose any of them if you are seriously thinking to create quality QR codes.

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