RAM is one of the most essential hardware part of the computer which, if malfunctions can be a nightmare for any computer owner. To keep this extremely fulcrum part of your PC active and clean, there is plenty of RAM booster software available for download.

Below we listed nine of the best such tools which can make your computer run faster than ever.

1. Memory Cleaner

memory cleaner

To name one of the most loved choices for clearing Ram for the Windows is Memory Cleaner. Some of its essential features include but not limited to:

  • it is compatible with all versions of Windows OS
  • supports Trims processes, eventually optimises software’s performance
  • can clean the system cache for speedy working of the system

2. Wise Memory Optimizer

wise memory optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer is another choice of any computer user who wants to keep their machines’ memory clean. With simple ways to use, it has the following features:

  • user friendly and neat interface which helps to clean useless applications
  • features automatic tune-up programming
  • optimise RAM ideally and enhance the speed of your PC

3. Cleanmem


This is a very effective as well as user friendly software which can help to keep a check on the memory usage of your computer. Its features include:

  • do not use the page files on the hard drive
  • prevents the pages from leaking into hard drive
  • clears cache and makes the RAM run successfully

4. nCleaner


Planning to install a well developed application to keep your RAM steady and clean? Get nCleaner which has the following features:

  • it has ninety cleaning systems available with it
  • it can also be used as Tweek Manager and Registry Cleaner
  • coded with most advanced algorithm detection system
  • offers the best cleaning ratio

5. MZ Ram Booster

mz ram booster

Yet another trust worthy name to facilitate and improve the performance of any laptop or PC is MZ Ram Booster. The features include:

  • offers fine tuning of RAM for any version of Windows
  • optimises computer speed effectively
  • easy to install with user friendly interface

6. Cacheman


It is designed to improve the speed and eventually the performance of any laptop or computer by optimising the memory as well as the disk cache. Some major features include:

  • do not allow in frequent paging to the hard disk
  • increases stability and system reaction time
  • predefined profiles make it ideal for novice as well
  • can work on 512MB RAM and above

7. IObit Advanced SystemCare

iobit advanced systemcare

IObit Advanced SystemCare is designed as a powerful suite for optimisation which comes with more than 25 utilities to keep the RAM working smooth. Its features include:

  • have full control on PC
  • has convincing and smart interface design
  • 25 utilities, divided by categories

8. RAMBooster


To alleviate all the RAM jam which can occur due to a number of reasons like slower system, old machine etc. use RAMBooster. Here are its major features:

  • small yet effective with free installation
  • amount of RAM increases by increasing the value of default settings

9. MPower


To optimise the RAM life as well as that of your computer, install MPower. Its major features are:

  • cleans useless memory applications and cache
  • neat and clean interface
  • simple installation

Concluding thought

The addiction or better termed, the utility of computers have increased to such a level that getting to know Windows computer is running slow irate us all. As bad as a slow internet connection, slow running laptop or PC seems very irritating. Here comes the necessity of ram booster software for windows xp, ram booster software for windows 7, ram booster software for windows 8 – all of which are common and simple tools that help to keep the machine’s memory free and clean.

The other uses

As we all use smartphones nowadays, mobile ram booster is also becoming essential for the young generation. It serves the similar purpose. The portable ram booster software download is no more a new thing rather has become a trend which keeps the phone running smoothly.

Why is it important?

Physical RAM memory of any computer is one of the fulcrum things that need to be kept steady for the proper working of the machine. Even if RAM memory is full and the Windows works on a virtual memory, which are generally swapped in a file, it still gives a slow running experience when the memory isn’t cleaned for a long time or the cache gets filled up.

How it works?

All the above listed RAM booster software help to monitor the proper functioning of the Random Access Memory. Whenever it feels a certain threshold of reaching anyway close to low memory, it triggers the software to clean it and thus makes the PC run faster again.

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