Indeed typing has become an essential part in our day to day life, indeed unavoidable by all costs. But as much as it has become an integral component, indeed a barrier exists in the eventual being observed in the essential fact of performing this task at hand. This is where typing trainer software comes into play, by providing the users with subsequent experience and skills in being perfect in data entry and creation via many programs thereof, inclusive with aspects of speed, accuracy and grammatical punctuation skills among much more advantages thereof.

Here is a list of the top 7 typing trainer software available in the market.

1. UltraKey 6.0

ultrakey 6

Indeed identified as an ultimate tool, offering the best of services in training, through provision of the best of features all improving users skills through assessment tests ranging from typing errors to progress tracking capabilities among many other features incorporated thereof.

Some additional features:

  • Exceptional capabilities in usability
  • Advanced and effective functionality in reporting
  • Intuitive tutor process or training module thereof incorporated
  • Provides lessons instructions in typing training; intuitive and cumulative in relation from one to the next thereof
  • Polished, improved and impressive interface which is intuitive thereof
  • Effective and intuitive tutorials incorporated thereof e.g. videos, and user guides

2. Typesy 2016


A creative and intuitive software that incorporates various strategies in training the user thereof, observed through various games or lessons incorporated henceforth, as well as capabilities in progress monitoring.

Some additional features:

  • Cross-platform support
  • Notable support of up to five users in a single account thereof
  • Goal oriented towards aspects in accuracy and speed
  • Progress and goal levels; sharing capabilities
  • Well-integrated games to provide effective text/typing training
  • Intuitive and well updated lessons that combine various lessons in training

3. Typing Instructor Platinum 21

typing instructor platinum 21

Best defined as a leading typing instructor software incorporated with the right mixture of entertainment, motivation and education, thus intuitive and captivating and thusly providing notable improvements quickly and with ease

Some additional features:

  • Progress or results sharing capabilities
  • Additional features in customization options
  • Indeed education cultivated to provide intuitive lessons and instructions thereof in training process
  • Incorporated entertaining themes and games incorporated; with multi-level functionality for further intuitive training capabilities thereof
  • Inclusive motivational features to keep the user cultivated and positive minded

4. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Family edition

mavis beacon teaches typing family edition

Indeed brings froth the incorporation of proven approaches thereof in effective learning techniques and tactics. With easy steps in achieving this set objective.

Some additional features:

  • Well-tailored and integrated thereof for family use
  • Indeed user-friendly across all ages
  • Motivational features incorporated to keep the user cultivated
  • Tutorials incorporated thereof guiding the user in each consequent step thereof
  • Progress measuring capabilities, as well as results sharing features thereof
  • Themes and styles incorporated to support all ages usability and intuitiveness

5. Typing Instructor Deluxe

typing instructor deluxe1

An intuitive software indeed. Well objective oriented in assuring the best of results in speed and accuracy improvement capabilities, as well as progressive nature in improvement thereof.

Some additional features:

  • Assessment test to evaluated users typing level at the start of the training functionality
  • Over 20 typing plus and lesson incorporated thereof
  • Intuitive indeed; it adjusts the lessons to ones typing level for familiarity
  • Game typing lessons incorporated; multi-level and multi-player indeed, proving to be quite fun thereof
  • Reporting capabilities inclusive, not forgetting perfect customization capabilities thereof

6. KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

keyblaze typing tutor

7. Typing Trainer

typing trainer

How to install Typing Trainer software?

Typing training software are indeed unique in their own way, and their Installation indeed proves to be quite a straightforward process. This is well understood with respect to the installation process provided forth or guided by wizards that help in the installation process, while subsequently improving on functionality and familiarity. In order to begin this process visit the page of the software package of interest, through the subsequent links provided, and thusly download the package. Once saved on your drive open the package and the installation process will begin consequently.

This process will take you through a number of screens. Each informative and intuitive as the next, as we also get to see that the nature and number of screens you’ll see will differ. But all will include a number of steps that are easy to follow throughout the being of the wizard. Such as selecting the desired destination hard drive, to various add-ons available till the last step there is. In some cases some installation processes might require one to restart the computer once one is done. It might also serve best to your needs in making a point to add a shortcut of the software to the desktop for quick access.

How to choose the best Typing Trainer Software?

There are indeed many Typing trainer software available in the market, each offering outstanding features, as the next. So the question in choosing the best is based on what each consequent software brings to the table. Ranging from; ease of use, to intuitive user-interface, reliability, effectiveness and efficiency, outstanding features they bring to the table, as well as consequent reviews with reference to user demand. All bringing forth the being in best functionality and overall operation capabilities as well as satisfaction of the user. Indeed the list provided, brings forth the best of typing trainer software available in the market, identified to best serve your needs and in general satisfaction as a whole.

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