Typing trainer software – Enhance typing skills in fun-filled way with technology
In today’s technology scenario probably there would have been none who has not used a computer keyboard. The typing software does help one to learn typing with accuracy and make their tasks smooth.

One can find a plenty of typing trainer software by searching Google using “typing trainer software download”, “typing trainer software free download”, “typing trainer full version free download” or “typing trainer software” and utilize them.Let us have a look at some of these software and their features:

1. Typing Trainer

typing trainer1

This is full-fledged typing training software. It is available for free and its main features are:

  • It makes learning fun using typing games
  • It allows evaluating typing skills like word per minute and accuracy
  • It analyzes one’s and identifies the repeated issues
  • It has complete training sessions
  • It supports multiuser environment

2. Typing Master

typing master

This is a touch typing course software. It is available for free and its main features are:

  • It provides step-by-step guide lines to learn typing
  • It helps one to double or triple typing speed in a short time through its training
  • It has dynamic approach to suit training with personalized exercises

3. RapidTyping


This is easy-to-use and handy keyboard training software. It is free to download and its main features are:

  • It has beginner, advanced and expert levels for typing training
  • It allows tracking progress by allowing viewing the results
  • It makes lessons fully customizable
  • It supports different keyboard layouts
  • It has user-friendly interface

4. KeyBlaze


Keyblaze typing tutor software is one of the easiest typing learning software. It is available for free and its main features are:

  • It has typing lessons for home keys, neighbor keys, capitalization and many more
  • It has included typing games to learn typing in a fun way
  • It calculates net and gross typing speed

5. GS Typing Tutor

gs typing tutor

This is one of the powerful typing tutor software and has rich features. It is available for free and its main features are:

  • It has complete lessons to improve typing speed
  • It offers onscreen keyboard which helps the beginner to locate the keys
  • It has typing games which makes typing learning a fun

6. Tux Typing

tux typing

This is delightful typing learning software and it is available for free. Its main features are:

  • It provides numerous levels with challenging efforts required to pass them
  • It has cartoon style effects and backdrops
  • It has huge word list and lessons
  • It helps to learn the keyboard keys fast
  • It supports large number of languages

7. Typesy


This typing software is designed for all types of users. It comes with free trial version and its main features are:

  • It enhances one’s typing skills including accuracy in a very few days with a few minutes of practice
  • It allows personalizing one’s individual lesson plans
  • It has real-time progressing charts and ergonomics

8. MaxType LITE

maxtype lite

This is windows based typing learning software. It is available for free and its main features are:

  • It allows users creating their own plain text exercise files
  • It displays virtual keyboard and highlights the typed words
  • It gives details of accuracy percentage, frequent mistake and average speed in a graphical manner

9. Klavaro Touch Typing

klavaro touch typing

This is a simple yet comprehensive tool to teach typing skills. It is available free to download and its main features are:

  • It supports many keyboard layouts for several languages
  • It provides adaptability, velocity and fluidness exercises
  • It gives progress charts represented in a graphical manner
  • It has user-friendly interface

Selection of suitable typing trainer software

The best typing trainer software should allow one learn with some entertainment and informative. It should provide graphical presentations wherever possible and should have enough exercises for one to learn and be motivated. The training sessions should be effective with possibly step-by-step approach which helps one to sharpen the typing skills in a progressive manner. Some of the software does provide typing games and warm-up exercises which also help in honing typing skills. The best software should be able to present progress reports and customize the lessons based on these reports.
The interface is next important thing and it should be easy to navigate. The lessons it presents should be based on benchmarks and methodical. One should look for number of licenses it allows for a single installation and when one is buying for a company the license factor is important. The software vendor should provide sufficient support and user installation and reference guides or instructions.

Varieties of typing trainer software

Those who prefer leaning typing skills through online can search Google using “typing trainer online”. The obvious advantage of this online software is that one need not download and install them on the system and can operate them on multiple devices just with internet connection. One who wants to increase their typing skills on devices like iPad or iPhone they can search Google using “tap typing trainer” and find suitable software. To find typing trainer software for a specific keyboard like “Dvorak”, they can search Google using “dvorak typing trainer” and find them.

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