Virtual wifi router software – Download to convert your PC into virtual wi-fi router

There is possibly no denying of the importance of Wi-Fi in modern life. If you do not want to dump your study with any more device, try any of the seven software listed below which can help to make your PC or laptop into a virtual wi-fi router.

Share the internet with various Wi-Fi enabled devices like the tablet, smartphone etc. without the fear of any security hack. Presenting the seven best Virtual wifi router software:-

1. Virtual Router Manager

virtual router manager 1

To name one handy virtual router application, Virtual Router Manager is the one. It is free to use and can easily turn your computer into a virtual Wifi router. Here is a list of its major features:-

  • simple installation steps with a wifi network adapter card
  • easily recognises the other WiFi compatible devices like printer, smartphones, laptops etc.
  • enabled with WPA2 security encryption

2. Connectify


Easily share your internet connection with all the other internet compatible devices at home or at work with Connectify. This is a freeware and can be trusted with the following features:-

  • supports automatic configuration
  • enabled with WPA2 Encryption
  • options for password protected security checks
  • needs compatible wireless card for installation

3. Maryfi


To share the Wifi Internet connection from your PC to all the other internet requiring devices like laptop, smartphones, iPads etc., get Maryfi now! Some of its salient features include:-

  • create a hotspot and extend the range of the internet connection
  • password-protected and WPA2 Encryption enabled
  • available in app version
  • works with vpn connection or in proxy servers

4. MyRouter


Yet another trusted handy virtual router utility is MyRouter which can convert your PC into Virtual Wi-Fi router. This is also a freeware and supports other Wi-Fi devices. Here are its major features:-

  • supports gaming consoles, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.
  • safest and quickest way to share the internet connection amongst other Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • compatible with all versions of Windows and has SSID

5. Wi-Host

wi host

To convert your desktop PC into a trusted Wi-fi virtual router software, get hold of Wi-Host! With this software, it is simper to share the internet connection amongst the multiple portable devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.

Some of its features are:

  • it is easy to use, install and configure
  • assign any name to the SSID
  • authenticate it and protect it with password

6. Connectme – (Hotspot)

connectme hotspot

One of the most useful virtual Wi-Fi router software, Connectme is widely used by youngsters. This freeware also provides very easy steps to install and configure the software. Its interesting features include but not limited to:-
has complete animated GUI

  • supports status bar
  • enabled with WPA2 and PSK wireless security encryption
  • supports all versions of Windows
  • can be used anywhere

7. VirtualRouter Plus

virtualrouter plus

Another efficient freeware for virtual router software is VirtualRouter Plus. Its features are:-
uses WPA2 encryption for maximum security

  • does not requires any installation
  • works best with Windows 8

So why recharge or get an extra dongle for your laptop? Get any of the above software and share the internet connection keeping a stable speed and secured data transfer system.

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