With the looming deadline and the possibility of risks, managing your construction company is no easy feat. It entails plenty of other tasks that keep your hands full and your plate overflowing. Although, with modern solutions, nowadays you can now easily combat such worries. Read on and get yourself familiar with web-based construction management software and secure your very own from this article. 

4+ Web-Based Construction Management Software

1. BIM 360

bim 360


Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Custom


2. Procore



Rating: 4.8/5

Price: Custom


3. RedTeam



Rating: 5/5

Price: $395/month


4. Aconex



Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


5. Sage 300 CRE

sage 300 cre


Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


What Is Web-based Construction Management Software?

Web-based construction management software is a digital solution that provides aid to businesses in the construction industry by digitizing their daily operations. It presents an integrated platform giving you access to business functions and processes in the same interface. Also, it has digital tools simplifying resource management processes and provides a platform for processing necessary documents and paperwork on the cloud.

In addition, when you use this technology, you can handle cash flow and automate billing and budgeting. Another functionality of this software is it gathers data analytics and transforms them into visual reports, making it visible for the clients, purchasers, and other people involved. 


This construction management solution has business process automation capabilities that provide efficient and productive methods in handling otherwise exhausting manual tasks. Also, with this all-in-one technology, you can manage essential activities with minimal effort and achieve optimal results, cutting costs and needed resources in the process.


The software you decide on can impact your daily activities and even go as far as to affect the health of your overall business. That said, you should be meticulous in filtering your choices and single out the one most suited for you. One way to do so is by looking into essential factors such as the prices of their subscription plans, compatibility with your business size, and supported digital devices. Also, most importantly, you should determine whether or not their services align with your construction management needs. The following features are also crucial elements you should consider:

  • Workflow automation capabilities
  • Internal communications platform
  • Job costing tools
  • CRM software functionalities
  • Document management tools
  • Project management features
  • Employee management tools
  • Calendar and scheduling functionalities

Top 10 Web-based Construction Management Software

1. BIM 360

This project management software has document control and construction safety functionalities. Its developer, Autodesk, has 3 billion dollars in revenue and has 11,500 employees in its team.

2. Sage 300 CRE

With this construction solution, you can use project performance monitoring tools and a dispatch board. They have 12,506 people in their team and have a revenue of 2 billion dollars. 

3. Xero

Xero is an accounting software for small businesses with expense tracking and compliance management functionalities. They have 848 million dollars in generated revenue and have 3,642 employees working for them.

4. Procore

This cloud based construction management software with tools for contractor management and estimating. They have 2,063 people working for them and have 448.1 million dollars in generated revenue.

5. FreshBooks

Convenient payment processing gateways and payroll management tools are examples of features in this software. They have generated a revenue of 100 million dollars and have employed 500 people.

6. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a collaboration software that has resource management and custom branding capabilities. They have 1,915 people working them and have 385 million dollars in generated revenue.

7. Aconex

When you use this software, you can access field inspection and checklists, and workflow management features. They have 850 employees and have 123.5 million dollars in generated revenue.

8. BuilderTREND

Tools for bid management and project raking are accessible in this construction management software for builders and contractors. They have 65.5 million dollars in revenue and have employed 504 people.


STACK is a construction takeoff and estimating system that has a building product database and proposal generation features. They have a revenue of 22.9 million dollars and have 79 employees.

10. RedTeam

With this construction management solution, you can streamline task management and contract management. RedTeam has a generated revenue of 11.7 million dollars and has 81 employees.


What are the differences between web-based and self-hosted construction management software?

One of the main differences between the two is the payment frequency. With web-based or cloud-based construction management platforms, you need to pay a fee depending on the subscription plan of your selection. It can be monthly, twice a year, or yearly. On the other hand, with self-hosted construction management software, you need to pay a one-time fee. Another difference that sets them apart is, with the former, the vendor handles the updates and maintenance of the software, and with the latter, maintaining your self-hosted software is your responsibility.

What are the responsibilities of a construction manager?

Construction managers are responsible for supervising the building processes and overseeing the collaboration with your team and other construction specialists. Also, this job position entails managing the timetable and reporting work progress and essential details. Developing strategies to optimize employee productivity and undertaking safety management to eliminate health risks is also part of the job.

Why is project management essential in the construction business?

Project management practices ensure that your methodologies align with your project goals and that your project goals align with your overall business goals. Also, it helps you and your team determine what to focus on to utilize time most optimally. In addition, construction project management ensures efficient resource planning and supports in making data-driven decisions.

Adapt to the significant change in the industry and leverage digital solutions to guarantee quality performance and gain an edge against your competitors. That said, start managing your construction projects with a few clicks and swipes with your preferred digital devices connected to the internet by choosing the best web-based construction management software for you today.

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