People go to amusement parks with festive moods intending to create memories and have fun. That said, do not spoil your customers’ mood by providing quality customer service and ensuring their safety. Yes, it is easier said than done. Although, with robust amusement park management software, you can simplify its complexities and be more efficient in achieving your desired results. 

4+ Amusement Park Management Software

1. ROLLER Software

roller software


Rating: 5/5

Price: $200/month


2. CenterEdge Advantage

centeredge advantage


Rating: 3.8/5

Price: Custom


3. Clubspeed



Rating: 5/5

Price: $399/month


4. LilYPad



Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


5. Parafait



Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


What Is Amusement Park Management Software?

Amusement park management software is a digital solution designed to help managers and staff of amusement parks with their daily operations. It provides a platform allowing its users to control multiple business functions in a centralized interface with their digital devices. With this software, you can access digital tools for streamlining various activities such as amusement park ticketing and staff management.

Also, it has functionalities for handling the cash flow and an extensive database for storing electronic documents and data. In addition, when you use this software, you can set up web portals to develop your online presence to increase the number of visitors.


Utilizing this technology will bring you plenty of benefits. For one, it has business process automation functionalities that increase productivity and efficiency. Also, it minimizes workload while optimizing results. In addition, with this digital tool in your toolkit, you can reduce your expenses for your day-to-day amusement park management responsibilities.


Managing amusement parks is a demanding task, but selecting the amusement park management solution suited for you will make your workload plenty lighter. Not only that. With it, you can also fill in the gaps of your management needs. That said, you need to study the lengthy list of available choices under this category in the software market deliberately. Look into the prices and services included in varying software packages and subscription plans. In addition, the following are essential features that you should consider in selecting the software of your choice:

  • POS system
  • Ticketing software functionalities
  • Maintenance management and tracking capabilities
  • Calendar and scheduling features
  • Resource management tools
  • Visitor management functionalities
  • Shift management tools
  • Admission controls
  • Digital marketing tools

Top 10 Amusement Park Management Software

1. Fiix

Asset lifecycle management and equipment management tools are examples of features in Fiix. They have a generated revenue of 27.3 million dollars and have 188 people working for them.

2. Gateway Ticketing System

You can streamline inventory management and online ticketing with this theme park ticketing system. They have generated a revenue of 19.4 million dollars and employed 134 people.

3. ROLLER Software

This cloud based platform offers customer data management and discount management tools. They have 92 people working for them and have a revenue of 13.3 million dollars.

4. Parfait

This park ticketing management system has event management and ticket scanning capabilities. Its developer, Semnox Solutions, has 10.6 million dollars in revenue and has 73 employees.

5. CenterEdge Advantage

This facility management software has functionalities for scanning tickets and setting up customer loyalty programs. They have 10.2 million dollars in generated revenue and have 70 employees.

6. Korona

Korona is a retail POS system that has concessions management and cost tracking capabilities. Its developer, COMBASE, has 6.1 million dollars in revenue and has 31 employees.

7. Connecteam

Connecteam is a facility management software with features for appointment scheduling and 360-degree feedback. They have 41 people in their team and have 5.9 million dollars in revenue.

8. Clubspeed

With this digital solution, you can streamline customer management and budgeting processes. They have 42 employees in their team and have a revenue of 3.4 million dollars.

9. dexPOS

Features for payment processing and real-time monitoring are accessible in this amusement park POS system. Its developer, Dex IT Consulting, has 17 employees and has 2.5 million dollars in revenue.

10. LilYPad

This POS system has gift card management and electronics signature functionalities. They have 249.7 thousand dollars in revenue and have 30 employees working for them.


What is an amusement park POS system?

Amusement park POS system helps businesses offer paperless and cashless transactions. It connects to various checkout terminals and allows amusement parks to accommodate multiple methods of payment. Also, POS software integrates data regarding online reservations and bookings. In addition, it helps you to track essential metrics and record sales history.

How does a park ticketing system work?

Park ticketing systems help businesses handle ticket purchases made online and on-site. It allows customers to have a virtual experience instead of waiting in lines. Also, with this ticketing solution at your disposal, you can manage capacity and simplify membership management. In addition, it tracks and presents data in real-time, allowing its users to keep track of sales and access essential data.

What are the responsibilities of amusement park managers?

Amusement park managers oversee daily operations for running and managing the amusement park. Despite that, the individuals with this job position do not necessarily share similar responsibilities. Their job descriptions vary depending on the size and other factors. Although, most of them have duties for managing employee training, ensuring the safety of staff and clients, generating policies, maintaining quality customer services, and developing marketing strategies.

The elements of successful amusement park businesses do not only include safe and fun attractions. The secret also lies in proficient management and seamless customer experience. That said, start moving towards that goal and take a strategic step today by securing the best amusement park management software for you as early as now.

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