Are you looking for a software for windows platform that will help you reduce or remove the noises completely?

Here on this list we have review some of the audio software that are built with noise cancellation feature to ensure that audibility of your audio file is enhanced and the noise is reduced almost zero. Without consuming much time let’s jump to the review.

1. FL Studio

fl studio

FL Studio is a powerful software built for music editing tasks. The software has a vast of features which include equalizer and it’s mostly used by music producers.

Some additional features

  • Audio Multi-editing capabilities
  • Works best in sound production
  • Has an organized user interface

2. Profound Sound CSharp

profound sound csharp

Profound Sound CSharp is an equalizer for Windows Operating System. The software has a rich user interface and well-organized elements.

Some additional features

  • Comes bundled with ten bands graphic equalizer feature
  • Has an automatic volume leveling
  • Allows users to customized and save their settings

3. Audacity


This is a cross platform software that is available on MAC OSX, Windows and Linux. The software has a number of sound editing feature.

Some additional features

  • Supports audio input from the microphone
  • Has an inbuilt equalizer
  • User-friendly interface.

4. MEF Music Editor

mef music editor

Here is another outstanding audio file editing software. The software can be used as an audio noise reduction from various sources and produces stunning results.

Some additional features

  • You can burn audio to a cd after cutting
  • Has a vast of sound editing features
  • The software has some functions that make audio editing easy.

5. RX 5 Audio Editor

rx 5 audio editor

6. Automatic Audio Denoizer

automatic audio denoizer

7. AudioLava


How to choose the best audio noise reduction software

So you have an audio recorded with some noise and you want to reduce the noise and make it more audible. You have decided to perform the noise reduction by software but you don’t know which the best software you can use is. On this post we discussed some of the best, but to choose the best software for you requires one to consider some factors which include the compatibility of the software with your system, ease of use; some software are built with cluttered interfaces where it will cost the users loads of time in trying to work with the software. And the last thing on this list is the price some software are expensive yet there are some cheap software that still performs the same tasks. Without considering these factors the chances of landing on your ideal noise reduction software are next to nil.

How to install any of the Audio noise reduction software

Installation process of most software are in most cases similar. Here we have focused on installing the best audio noise reduction software which is a step by step guide.

  • The firsts thing should be deciding on which software to download
  • Next step is closing all the running processes( not a must but highly recommended)
  • Click run and install the software
  • Follow the process and read carefully on prompts
  • Restart the computers and there the software is ready to run.

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