Barcodes are used on a large scale. Every product has a unique barcode which is created and read by specialized software. Barcode Software makes it easier to generate barcodes of various formats and makes it easier to read it through these tools.

1. Barillo Barcode Software

barillo barcode generator

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The tool design by NCH Software can create graphics for EAN-13 and UPC-A barcode. The overhead timings are quick. The user can export the barcodes in other formats like BMP, gif, tga, tif, etc. The user can create barcode where they can set height and width. In total, Barillo Barcode supports EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E types and runs on 64 bit Windows OS systems.

Features –

  • The user can create EAN-13, UPC-A Barcode format.
  • It also supports UPC-E and EAN-8 Format and soon some new formats will be added.
  • The user can generate barcode with adjustable height and width
  • Export barcodes in formats like BMP, TGA, tif, PCX, etc.
  • Works on 64 bit Windows OS.

2. BarTender Professional


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It’s a Pro Barcode Generator considered as the best software. The tool is heavily equipped with feature, unlike others. The tool possesses 400+ pre-formatted barcode components. The BarTender lets the user create any type of barcode no matter if it’s 2D, postal, GS1 DataBar or Linear. The tool is available in 20 Languages. The interface is very subtle with attractive components. The list is unending so are the features.


  • 400+ Pre-formatted barcode components
  • 20 Languages available
  • It supports about 100 printer brands for printing the barcode.
  • WYSIWYG Design Interface
  • 24*7 phone support.
  • Required formatting tools like Scaling, Spacing, auto-size etc

3. NiceLabel Designer Pro 6

nicelabel designer pro 6

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The tool can create almost any custom or standard barcode label. NiceLabel Designer Pro 6 supports 70+ Barcode types. The user can create embedded QR Codes with Links in it. The tool is equipped with asset management, document tracking, scheduling, inventory control features. The user can add Logos, web pages link and graphics. The tool has a modern user interface for better productivity and deemed as the second most popular software.


  • Supports 70+ types of Barcodes.
  • Easy Forms to manually print error free
  • The tool handles Unicode and SQL scripting
  • The user can create RFID tags.
  • It supports Linear barcode, 2D barcodes etc.

4. TechnoRiverStudio 7.2

technoriverstudio 7

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This Pro software is really easy to use and supports various barcode types like 2D, GS1, QR codes, etc. The user can add effects, rectangles, lines, and ellipses. The tool offers about 19 types of label templates. It is password protected to limit accessing of barcode info. The tool supports serialization and has an integrated database.

Features –

  • It supports variety of Barcode types
  • It offers 19 types of label templates which include envelopes CD/DVD business cards, etc
  • Integrated Database to create any type of barcode label
  • Formatting tools are available

5. Loftware Label Manager

loftware label manager


One of the finest in its segment, Loftware Label Manager lets the user Create and print Label. The tool can create barcode types of GS1 DataBar, QR Codes, Linear, and 2D. The user can add elements like text, boxes, images and lines and can resize, rotate, switch views etc. The tool connects to database and various printer brands for printing and comes with multiple languages.

Features –

  • Can create Barcode labels of various types
  • Formatting tools and adding elements are available
  • The tool is connected to multiple databases.
  • RFID Smart label thermal transfer
  • It supports serialization.

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