Links for scientific calculator download are fairly common. But nowadays we use calculators for various purposes, including modified tax calculations, mortgage calculations and calculations of share prices. Such mobile mortgage calculator software download links and share price calculator download links have been compiled here for your convenience.

Most of these calculator software download for mobile phones are also absolutely free.

1. Basic Calculator 1.0.1

basic calculator

This is a free calculator software that will aid you with basic calculations.

  • Uses minimal computer memory.
  • Compatible with all OSx including Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • Extremely flexible and small.
  • Can be used by all age groups, ideal for kids and elderly who find charm in simplicity.
  • Simple and light weight code; this application can run in background with multiple other applications and software without causing interference.

2. CrossGL Surface Calculator 1.10 Beta

crossgl surface calculator

A minimal, faux calculator interface to add fun to your daily calculations. This software for your PC and phone comes with multiple features which makes it a best choice for all ages.

  • Supports more than one mode.
  • Fully scalable interface.
  • In-build currency converter.
  • Extra settings to customize transparency and digit style.
  • All features are windows ready.
  • Can be downloaded for free, even for windows phones.

3. Calculator free for Windows 8

calculator free for windows

This is a freeware with a basic design which is a ready to use calculating app for Windows 8 and Windows RT. One unique feature about this app is the multiple, changing backgrounds.

  • Ideal for simple tasks including addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisions.
  • The lack of scientific features is made up for by the flexible interface and settings.
  • Extensive compatibility with other Windows applications and software programs.
  • No interruptive update requirements.

4. Microsoft Mathematics 4.0.1108.0000

microsoft mathematics

It is a robust calculator which allows all sorts of calculations starting from basic operations to plotting complex 3D equations.

  • Compatible with all Windows devices and OSx.
  • Customize all color schemes and background screens.
  • Use a keyboard or a stylus to enter digits and equations.
  • Includes equation solvers, triangle solvers and unit converters.
  • In-built list of formulae and equations.
  • Usable in diverse fields: algebra, trigonometry, geometry, physics as well as chemistry.

5. HiPER Calc 2.3

hiper calc

This is a beautifully constructed calculating software that is compatible with Windows as well as Android driven devices.

  • Up to 9 digits of exponents and a hundred decimal places.
  • Multiple graphical themes.
  • 3 views: landscape, portrait and expanded.
  • Percentage, modulo and negation fall under basic operation categories.
  • Scientific, engineering and fixed point display format.
  • 3 number systems: binary, hexadecimal and octal.
  • In-built set of constant values and equation forms.

6. Super Calculator for Windows 8

super calculator for windows 8

Another amazing freeware that beats all the paid calculating software programs hands down.

  • Can display results in 3 different modes; including 2 for angles.
  • Useful for solving equations from algebra and trigonometry.
  • In-built angle display results help with geometry as well.
  • Features standard functions like tan, cos and sin.
  • You can toggle view.
  • Easy value, number and alphabet input.
  • Hint pop-ups are included with every download.

7. Precise Calculator

precise calculator

  • This is a free downloading calculating application for all your math needs. This is very similar to the basic windows calculator, but with tons of new and added features.
  • Helps you with basic maths, stats, algebra and geometry.
  • The coding language supports definition of vector points, 3d geometry, statistical problems, and of course the easy mathematical problems.
  • Supports all known measurement units and constants.
  • Supports recording of macros and expressions.

8. Math Solver

math solver

This is ever math fearing person’s best friend; the free software for calculation includes a plethora of unique features which includes the following.

  • From simple math operations to geometrical functions, everything is supported and solved by the Math Solver.
  • Each solution is supported and explained with graphical expressions.
  • Simple and easy interface with adjustment options.
  • Comes with new tutorials which also support the Windows 8 skins.
  • Numerical derivatives in Calculations and Plot options are basic additions.

9. The Payroll Calculator

payroll calculator1

This is a fun and useful, small software that is ideal for all Payroll related calculations.

  • Calculate work hours, overtime and pay rates.
  • Calculate net payment including overtime pays.
  • Calculate taxes and other deductions with one time input.
  • Reports are printable and can be used for professional and formal purposes.
  • Reports can be exported to Excel and HTML formats; ready to be mailed to employers or employees.

10. Hexit 1.5

hexxit calculator

It is a simple calculator for calculation and conversion between different number systems. There are a number of features which make them unique and extremely useful.

  • The conversions can be done during or immediately after the calculations.
  • This software is direct download only, does not require uncompressing of zip files or installation of exe files.
  • Interactive, simple interface that allows users to insert numbers directly (no keyboard usage required).
  • Choice between decimal, hexadecimal and binary input/outputs.

These calculating software programs make the journey through math-land easier for both math lovers and math haters. Not only are these easy to install, they also come with tons of cool features which make them fun.

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