These latest Data Entry Programs are ideal for students and professionals to create data sheets. This may include free book keeping software, family tree software or mobile phone data manager. The data entry software for excel free download sources are also given below alongside the data entry test software free download.

It is difficult to come across data entry software free download full version, so we have created a complete library for you to download.

1. My Family Tree

Now you can create your complete family tree with this easy to use and free app. This can give you highly detailed genealogical trees with no confusion and effort.

  • Several alternative ways to view the information and relationships.
  • Export the completed tree to GEDCOM, print or save the data for further editing.
  • Inclusion of timeline and statistics.
  • You can also include media files (Images and Video of family members at each node).

2. Book Keeper

Possibly the most easy to use book keeping software of the 21st century, this one comes with all techs to help you manage sales, purchase, orders, supplies, inventory and profit details.

  • Easy charting of net cost and profit, with automatic accounting of the latter.
  • View tax computation and the tax returns with each individual transaction.
  • Automatic evaluation of the closing inventory (Average Cost Method).
  • You can now sync your company data across multiple devices via online accounting systems and dropboxes.

3. Microsoft Phone Data Manager

The name is pretty self-explanatory; the software is completely compatible with all Windows devices and aids data sharing between your PC, Laptop and phones.

  • Auto detection of connected devices (if it supports the SyncML Standards).
  • Back up all your files on cloud storage or send the backup files to your mail.
  • Enter Windows Live ID to share your contact information between devices.
  • A wide range of security settings.

4. ABC Amber Blackberry Converter

The Amber Blackberry converter is a neat application to convert data from your Blackberry to any possible formats; including HTML, XML, PDF, CSV and TXT.

  • Auto detection of devices to extract all data from the backup file formats and display data in side panels.
  • Back-up of all applications including call logs, messaging, contacts lists and calendar entries.
  • Supports over 65 formats of extracted data from back up files and conversions.

5. BlackBerry Backup Extractor

This data extractor  and entry software can backup and recover all contacts, text messages, calendar events, notes, saved games and call histories from your phone and export it as multiple, portable formats.

  • One page access to backup options (“Open Backup” option from the main interface).
  • All the data are imported in VCF, CSV and ICS formats.
  • The backup data can be transported to other devices and sent to personal mails.
  • Compatible with all latest Windows versions and BlackBerry devices.

6. EpiData Entry

This is an elite software that is used for simple data documentation and entry. This handles simple forms and systems for documentations and error detection.

  • Performs basic statistical analysis and comprehensive data management.
  • Includes SPC Charts, Recording Data, Descriptive Statistics, and Defining Missing values.
  • Currently compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP and tested on LINUX variants.
  • Standard output formats include CSV, DBF and REC.

7. Relief Data Entry System

This is an optimal tool created by Philippine’s Bureau of IR which has all the added features that helps someone to calculate all sorts of taxes and costs.

  • Has facilities for data maintenance of sales, imports and exports.
  • Can import and export data across multiple compatible devices.
  • Has it own archives which can store old data sheets.
  • Compatible with most windows devices including 2000, XP and Windows 7.

8. SPSS Data Entry for Windows 4.0

The latest version of the SPSS Data Entry system can be used for creating professional grade reports based on data entry and other sales records.

  • Usage of intelligent wizards for optimal data survey process.
  • Complete with questionnaires and templates.
  • Simple, interactive interface with a shortcut tool bar for easy access to menu.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

9. AlphaList Data Entry and Validation 3.20

This program is the receiver of the number one data entry software award and is currently used by thousands of people. This software was also created by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

  • Can be used to calculate revenue and tax returns for the public sector companies.
  • Accurate enough for generating official memorandum and notices regarding tax returns for private sector as well as public sector enterprises.
  • Import and export data in DAT file formats.

10. QPSMR Input 12.1.2

The QPSMR Input and Data entry software is compatible with all Windows devices and has been used as a free business tool for data entry.

  • Can be accessed and used by almost all workers and companies who specialize in data entry.
  • It can be installed on all the devices that work in sync; which include Laptops, PCs, Tablets and Notebooks.
  • Direct, interactive interface that allows data entry and export; saved files can be printed.

These Data Entry Software programs have been making the jobs of thousands of people easier every day. These are designed for all sorts of record keeping and calculations; the reports can be mailed or printed for greater convenience.

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