Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could use a software that could detect duplicate images in your computer? This would enable you to swiftly delete any duplicates thereby freeing up a substantial amount of space on your PC. Here’s a well-researched list of software that perform precisely this function. Download one of these software today. You will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of space that clears up with this simple process.

1. VisiPics


Visipics is an extremely popular and useful duplicate image finder software. Although it requires the installation of Java in your PC to work effectively.

Additional features of Visipics:

  • Swiftly detects duplicate pictures and images from selected files and folders
  • Allows the user to easily delete any duplicate images
  • User friendly and free software

2. Anti-Twin

anti twin

Anti-Twin is a duplicate software finder that quickly finds identical and duplicate images on your laptop or PC on your command

Some additional benefits:

  • Multilingual software
  • Free and easy to download
  • User friendly interface and simple to use
  • The software runs a search on multiple folders on command by the user

3. Easy Duplicate Finder

easy duplicate finder

Easy Duplicate Finder is a fantastic duplicate data and images finder. Extremely useful and popular amongst both MAC as well as PC users, this duplicate finder software is absolutely free of cost

Additional benefits and features:

  • Not only does this software find duplicate images but it also find duplicate contacts, duplicate emails, music tags, entries of iTunes library and it can also delete folders that are empty
  • User friendly interface and simple to use
  • Permits the user to use a wide variety of methods of file comparison such as file names only, byte to byte and various others.

4. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

duplicate photo cleaner 1

Duplicate Photo cleaner is yet another amazing duplicate image finder software. This software makes the deleting of duplicate images quick and easy.

Some more features of this software:

  • Supports a large number of formats including JPG, TIFF, RAW, PNG, GIF and various others
  • Compatible with both Windows as well as MAC software.
  • Searches identical photos that have been resized too
  • User friendly interface

5. Fast Duplicate File Finder

fast duplicate file finder

This software can quickly and efficiently find duplicate images as well as files in the computer or in specific folders.

Additional features:

  • User friendly and intuitive interface
  • Multilingual software
  • Supports a variety of media including hard disks, and flash drives

6. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

awesome duplicate photo finder

Last but not least, Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is an incredible software to find repeat images on your computer.

Additional Features:

  • Quickly and easily finds duplicate images
  • User friendly interface
  • Finds re-sized images as well as edited images.

7. Similar Image Finder

similar image finder

These amazing software are all well researched and tried and tested. They have given efficient and excellent results and most users have given all these software top ratings and reviews. Download one of these today to get tons of freed up space on your computer.

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