This is an easy and powerful way to use the animator software for GIF editor. In a sense the GIF animator software enables you to very simply yet creatively make buttons, images, user pics, banners with animations, emails, presentations and much more for your personalised websites.

This animator makes use of wizard tool to create straightforward and quick-paced superior quality animation.

1. Free and downloadable on your Windows PC, Falco

falco gif animator

Use Falco’s superb features like GIF files, add image frames and much more. You can set the time gap between frames and add different images BMP, PNG, TGA, JPG, TIF, etc.

  • Create GIF animation using this free software.
  • Add frames or create images.
  • Use the wizard tool to make animations.
  • Draw using any tool – spray, pencil or brush.
  • Apply various effects like flips, contrast, brightness and contrast.

2. Multi-purpose photo editor, PhotoScape


PhotoScape has a built-in image editor. Changes can be undone when something does not go the way you want.

  • It includes a viewer, raw convertor and screen capture.
  • Animated GIFs can be created easily using the special features.
  • By adding several frames you can include multiple photos in one GIF.
  • Set the delay time in between each frame.
  • Different transition effects can be added to what you do with animated GIFs.

3. Free software – Microsoft GIF Animator

microsoft gif animator

A free software that enables you to create GIF files in animated form, you can use the unique features to discover the beauty of this GIF animator.

  • Create a GIF animation by dragging and dropping multiple files.
  • Set time duration in between every frame.
  • Re order frames, loop, set transparency and much more using this software.
  • Use this small sized easy and simple featured animator to get wonderful animations.

4. Small utility – XylemStudio’s Animate Gif

xylemstudios animate gif

A very handy software, Xylem Studio is a small utility GIF animator.

  • Create your own original GIF animations.
  • Use any format like JPEG, PNG, JPG or even any GIF format to create animations.
  • Drag to add more frames or even drop to do the same.
  • Determine and set the time gaps between frames or images.
  • Set looping option for time delay in milliseconds.

5. Photobie for image file

photobie for image file

Get a free GIF image animator cum editor with special and varied features. One key feature is composing simple GIF animations from different images.

  • Open image files first.
  • Copy & paste all layers one at a time to a single image.
  • Go to control panel on menu of GIF animation control panel.
  • Set the time gap in milliseconds in case of each frame.
  • Save your file in GIF format.

6. Convert images with Any To GIF

any to gif

Free software, ‘Any To GIF’ helps you convert images to animations in GIF file format. It also supports various image formats like TIF, JPG, and many more.

  • Change BMP, PSD, PNG, TGA and ICO to GIF images.
  • Create your original animations with this very simple interface in two steps.
  • Add images
  • Choose the size of the images
  • Set the time interval.
  • Preview and save animation.

7. Add Multiple Images with GifApp

gif animation

GifApp is not only free software but is also easily downloadable too. Its user friendly and simple interface makes it effective to create animations.

  • Set the same time or different time gaps to image frames.
  • Add more than one image to your animation project.
  • Rearrange or remove images that are unwanted.
  • Apply varied effects to the images individually.
  • Check the result of your creation and save.

8. Downloadable and free – GiftedMotion


A very small, easy to apply and open source software, GiftedMotion is a user friendly GIF animator. Install Java to support this software.

  • Load as many images.
  • Set time sequence to delay time gaps as required.
  • Set also the time in terms of milliseconds.
  • Create an animated GIF in no time!
  • Save by using the record button.
  • Use as portable software.

9. Create videos with this Free GIF Animator

free gif animator1

If you want to convert your videos or images to animations simply, then you must try Free GIF Animator! It is indeed a very simple conversion program.

  • Set time lapses for creating animations.
  • Use the count of milliseconds for time delays.
  • Load different images into frames
  • Create your original animations from these videos and images.
  • Enable looping if you want.
  • Preview and save animation

The best thing about the GIF animator software is that it can be used with great ease and simplicity by both professional web designers as well as amateurs. You do not need any knowledge or training to use the software.

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