One of the most essential things on your trekking and holiday trips today is a GPS System. Thanks to the evolvement of technology, you no longer have to carry around a compass or a separate GPS system. You can very conveniently download the best gps apps for android on your smart phone and make getting around a new place a whole lot easier for you.

Here is the list of top 7 gps apps for android that you can choose from to download on your smart phone.

1. Back Country GPS Navigator

back country gps navigator

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In case that you are either a hiker or are into furious camping one of the first things you require is a high end professional navigation app and that is exactly what you get with the Back Country GPS Navigator Pro.

  • It comes with multiple numbers of topographical maps, which can be accessed when offline as well.
  • The offline feature is best for places, where there weak or no network.
  • You can get countries of different counties. You can also mark them as per your need.

2. GPS Essentials

gps essentials

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If you are a first time trekker or camper and are looking for an app with an extremely easy interface, GPS Essentials is the app for you.

  • This is a one of a kind app with a one of a kind feature, its Dashboard.
  • The dashboard is used to monitor a number of things, including- distance, speed, moon phase, altitude, ETA to the desired location, and a number of other stats.
  • It is a one in all app. With the GPS Essentials you do not have to use other apps for directions.

3. CoPilot GPS Pro

copilot gps pro

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The CoPilot GPS Pro is without a doubt one of the most sought after GPS apps for android users. It has made quite the mark with the masses.

  • Turn by turn direction with voice guidance, immediately makes it a favourite.
  • One of the most unique features of the app is its 3D display for better guidance.
  • You can find maps of various countries with the CoPilot GPS Pro.

4. HERE Maps

here maps

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Here Maps was one of the most popular apps a couple of year back and still on the top 7 list. This alone says a lot about the efficiency of this GPS app.

  • The app designed by Nokia comes with an extremely elegant and user friendly interface.
  • Maps can be downloaded and stored for using when offline.
  • You also get efficient traffic information with HERE Maps.

5. GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD

gps navigation

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If you are a little skimpy on your knowledge of directions and find it hard reading a map, this is what you need.

  • The GPS Navigation BE ON Road comes with turn by turn direction notifications.
  • Offline Map Data makes it easy to get directions in no network areas.

6. ROUTE 66 Navigate

route 66 navigate

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If you are looking for something efficient and funky at the same time, the 66 Navigate might just be your favourite companion on the go.

  • Whether you are looking for turn by turn notification or details on the landmarks, the app gives you all of this and more.
  • The app provides Wikipedia entries on places you cross.
  • Other features include- weather details, 3D Graphics, etc.

7. Google Maps

google maps

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  • The most used app on the list is Google maps.
  • It is easily accessible with detailed directions.
  • The street view feature puts the app ahead of a number of other applications in the same category.

These are high utility apps and can prove to be of ideal help on vacations and camping trips. Make your trips saver with these top 7 gps apps for android.

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