A not so efficiently working keyword can prove to be a greater hassle than you primarily realise. Say your vowels do not work, you have lost the plastic covering of your space bar and it refuses to work too, or the Enter key is out of bounds. Here is where the role of a key mapping software becomes very important. It can also be used to give some other responsibility to a key, used not so often.

Here is the list of top 7 key mapping softwares you should know about and download.

1. Map Keyboard


The Map Keyboard is one of the most sought after and downloaded key matter software on the net, today. This is mainly because of its portable nature and small size.

  • The software comes with one of the easiest and most user friendly interfaces. Just choose and click the key that you want to remap and in the bottom will appear a list of other options you can remap it with.
  • The remapped keys turn green, to keep you reminded of the change.

2. Sharp Keys


The SharpKeys appears in the top 3 spot of popular key mapping softwares. Unlike Map Keyboard, the Sharkeys do not come with a customary keyboard layout interface, but has one of the most intense remapping outlines.

  • There are two windows, ‘From’ and ‘To’. Choose a key from the ‘From’ and drag and drop it to ‘To’ for changes to be made.
  • The main interface shows the changes made

3. KeyTweak


The KeyTweak has come to become one of the most popular key mappers on the internet and for good reasons too. It can offer to help in multiple ways, unlike other key mapping softwares.

  • This specific software comes with a Full Tech Mode. All you got to do here is click the button to start the process. Thereafter press the ‘From’ key to choose the key that needs mapping and then the key that you will switch functions with.
  • KeyTweak also comes with a virtual keyboard that allows the completion of the destined function much more easily.

4. Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator

microsoft key board layout

The Microsoft Keyboard Layout creator is one of the most uniquely functioning keyboard mapping software on the net today.

  • It helps to create virtual keyboard layouts from scratch, as per your requirements.
  • You can also use the software to edit an existing layout of keyboard.
  • The Mapping Software comes with three completely different configuration options.
  • It builds its own installer, which allows it to work with almost any and every computer device.

5. Key Mapper

key mapper

It is one of the easiest to handle and most versatile key mapping software on the internet.

  • It can not only remap keys, but also disable keys that are not used often and form a intrusion when typing.
  • All you go to do to map keys, is select and drag a certain key and drop it in its desired functional key, and you are set.

6. Karabiner


The Karabiner is recognised as one of the most stable and powerful keyboard mapping software or customizer.

  • You can customize premade and existing layouts and settings on the keyboard
  • You can also use XML to add your own preferred settings to it.

7. Key Extender


The Key Extender is most preferred by Windows users.

  • It can change the normal 102 keyboard into one, which is more functional, without practically costing you any money.
  • You can remap, disable and customize keys as per your liking with the Key Extender.

The best part about all the key mapping software mentioned above is that they come at free of cost. With such brilliant functions to extend and little to no costs involved, these are without doubt some of the best key mapping software to download.

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