Weddings are such grandiose moments that require planning. It needs both time and money to successfully pull off. The initial stage of planning alone already takes a while, much more the specific details that should be finished a few days ahead before the actual day.

Conveniently, your wedding invitations can be done in a breeze. There are plenty of sample invitation templates that you can look through for marvelous ideas. This collection, for example, has plenty of great designs that can inspire you as you make your own. Make the best invitation that will mark the best day of your life.


Green Foliage Wedding Invitation Package

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The 5 Easy Steps in Making the Best Wedding Invitations

Are you planning on doing your invitations by yourself? Save a portion of your budget with DIY invitations and make it a bonding moment between you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Here are five easy steps that we have come up that will make your work easier:

  • The first step to take is to find which design you want to follow. From there, you can either do your own layout or you can search for invitation templates that have the same layout as the design you have chosen. The upside of using templates is that you won’t need to do so much on your invitation card. All you need are the details to put on the templates to complete it. Follow proper guidelines as you make your layout and have a good base for your invitation.

Pink and Floral Save the Date Design

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  • Organize the details of your invitation. What should come first? What would you write on the card? Do you want it to have a formal wedding invitation or do you want something more casual? The wordings in your invitation designs depend on your preference. Some would add in the whole reception program to the invitation while others prefer not to. Knowing what you want to write will save you time from writing and erasing the contents over and over again.

Save the Date Wedding Postcard Template


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  • Choose materials you want to use for your invitation designs. This is a special occasion in your life and it deserves only the best. There are different colors with different textures to choose from. Commonly, card stocks are used but you can always deviate from the norm and instead go for your own preference. The quality of the materials you use is imperative to the outcome of your invitation. You should also decide as early as possible if you want to put your invitations in envelopes or if you want to use other types of holders. There are wedding envelope designs that you can do as well.

Printable Classic Save the Date Design

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Downloadable Black Wedding Invitation Package

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  • Don’t rush the production of your wedding invitations. Check every detail from the proportion of the design to the written texts on it. Making corrections on errors after the production is done will double your costs. Most printing shops charge for reprinting when the error was made on your end. After making your final design, take a breather before reviewing your work. Sometimes, it would take a fresh look before you can spot the errors.

Rustic Save-the-Date Template

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Minimal Wedding Invitation Set


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  • When the chips are down and you find yourself without a good design, go ask for help immediately. The sooner you acknowledge that you can’t complete your DIY in time, the sooner you can hire some experts to do the job for you. This will help you save money in the long run instead of a failed DIY job. It is never wrong to enlist someone else’s help when you need to. There are affordable wedding invitation makers that you can hire which might also offer them in packages. You get to have not just the invitations but also the RSVP card and other needed printouts like your wedding menu.

Free Vintage Wedding Invitation Design



Final Thoughts

The ideas above are just the basics to walk you through the process. However, the actual work might be different depending on various factors such as your budget and availability of resources.

Start a joyful occasion with a special invitation, be it a vintage invitation or a modern design. You can also look for specific guidelines regarding the designs for wedding invitations or some life hacks about weddings to know more things that you can apply. Review the suggestions we have provided and apply the ideas we have pitched in. Have the time of your life with an invitation that you have put your heart into while making. Best wishes!

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