Your big day is coming sooner than you are expecting and the preparations should start rolling by now. One of the many things that you have to pay attention to is your marriage invitation. It warms up your audience to the upcoming event and gives them something to look forward to.

Though it seems like an invitation is just a small detail in a wedding but in reality, it is a big, meticulous thing to plan. Whether you are hiring someone to do it or downloading a free invitation template, you still need to think about it properly. Read guides and get started!

Wedding Shower Invitations

Wedding Dress Bridal Shower Invitation

wedding dress bridal shower invitations



Wedding Couple Shower Invitation

wedding couple shower invitations



Vintage Bridal Shower Invitation

vintage bridal shower invitation



Rustic Wedding Shower Invitation

rustic wedding shower invitation



DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Pocket Invitation

diy wedding pocket invitation



DIY Rustic Wedding Invitation

diy rustic wedding invitation1



DIY Vintage Wedding Invitation

diy vintage wedding invitation



DIY Laser Cut Wedding Invitation

diy laser cut wedding invitation



Burlap Wedding Invitations

Burlap Mason Jar Wedding Invitation

burlap mason jar wedding invitation



Burlap and Sunflower Wedding Invitation

burlap and sunflower wedding invitation



Burlap Bag Wedding Invitation

burlap bag wedding invitation



Beach Wedding Invitations

Beach Theme Wedding Invitation

beach theme wedding invitation



Beach Hut Wedding Invitation

beach hut wedding invitation



Elegant Wedding Invitations

Elegant Pocket Wedding Invitation

elegant pocket wedding invitation



Elegant Beach Wedding Invitation

elegant beach wedding invitation



Elegant Black and White Wedding Invitation

elegant black and white wedding invitation



Elegant Vintage Wedding Invitation

elegant vintage wedding invitation



What Is the Importance of an Invitation?

Any event that needs to call the attention of people and encourage them to attend should be sending out formal invitations. But do you actually know why is it important to give party invitations? For all you know you can always verbally invite others. Know the importance of invitations with the short guide that is provided below. Understand every concept to get started now.

  • It hypes the guests. When the recipient gets ahold of the invitation, they begin to process the information being told to them. It gives them the initial excitement you feel for the couple who are getting married. Also, it gives them and yourself something to look forward to as the day passes. In hindsight, sending out invitation is like setting something to stone making the plan your solid as you imagine. In some ways, it is like sharing your joy with the rest in the hopes that they feel the thrill you have for your up and coming nuptials.
  • It serves as an announcement. Another reason why an invitation is important is that it can be used as an announcement to guests and others alike. This will let everyone know that you are finally tying the knot on a specific day. As what has been said above, it sets everything in stone. When you send out the invitations, it gives people the feeling of a “this is it” moment. No more turning back for you. It finalizes the date, time, and venue. Aside from that, it can also be your mark that signifies the start of your wedding countdown. Normally, invitations are sent at least a month early. So, once you send yours away, it means there would only be a month left before your biggest day.
  • It passes important details. Given that it informs your guests of the final schedule of your wedding, it just means that they also get to know other important details. Aside from the date, time, and location, guests can also find out from the invitation about how they can send their response. Aside from that, they would also know what to wear and what theme your wedding will have. Most invitations also have specific details for the couple’s preferred gift. You can state in your invitation what you want to get or if you don’t even want to receive any gifts. Some would write down the name of the store where they left their wishlist while others would state for their guests to donate to a specific charity instead of buying gifts.
  • It introduces the couple. In some invitations, especially the destination invitation, a brief story of the couple is already introduced. It can be in timeline form or it can be in a short paragraph. Guests will know more about the couple and how they came to the current point in their journey. If you want to do this as well, you can match your story with the theme and style you have chosen. You can use one side in a tri-fold invitation and in a folded invitation or you can actually use it as your cover page. Whichever you prefer, make sure that you keep the introduction neat and easy to understand by the readers of the invitation.
  • It allows guests to prepare. Lastly, invitations allow your guest to find time to clear out their schedule for your big day. Guests that are coming from miles away will also get time to make necessary arrangements such as flight bookings, finding accommodation, and the likes. With the RSVP contact details, you will write on the invitation, they can also give you a heads up if they would bring a plus one with them or more guests. This also helps you finalize the headcount for your reception.

A wedding invitation might be simple, but rest assured there are a lot of things that you and your guests can benefit from it. With this short read, you can now proceed with your invitation planning with just a little hitch on the way. On that note, you may also want a wedding reception invitation to complete the list of materials you may need.

Funny Wedding Invitations

Funny Indian Wedding Invitation

funny indian wedding invitation


Funny Cartoon Wedding Invitation

funny cartoon wedding invitation



Funny Wedding Invitation Wording

funny wedding invitations wording



Funny Wedding Reception Invitation

funny wedding reception invitation



Glitter Wedding Invitations

Gold Glitter Wedding Invitation

glitter gold wedding invitation



Glitter Snowflake Wedding Invitation

glitter snowflake wedding invitation



Glitter Border Wedding Invitation

glitter border wedding invitation



Golden Wedding Invitations

Golden Wedding Anniversary Invitation

golden anniversary wedding invitation1



Golden Yellow Wedding Invitation

golden yellow wedding invitation



Luxury Golden Wedding Invitation

luxury golden wedding invitation1



Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

With everything on your mind, it is understandable that you slip up sometimes while making your invitations. This can be tiny mistakes that can easily be let go or it can be a really big mishap that can affect your invitation. As early as your planning stage, you already need to check your invitation template for any mistake that you have committed. To help you understand and identify what they are, read the short guide below on what these common mistakes are. Get to know some tips that will help you avoid these mistakes.

  • Misspelled Words and Incorrect Grammar – Before sending anything to your guests or even giving the printing service the go sign to produce your invitation, check for any misspelled words or any errors in grammar. Proofreading is important to make sure that your content is 100 percent error-free and perfect. The most important part you should check are the names of you, your partner and your wedding entourage. You don’t want any confusion when guests read your invitation. You can also have someone take a look at it. Another set of eyes can always be helpful when spotting obvious errors that you could have overlooked.
  • Incorrect Ceremony and Reception Location – The location names are very important along with the time and date of your wedding. This is guest won’t be left baffled where your wedding ceremony is and where you are planning your reception to be. In fact, some couples opt to have separate cards for both reception and ceremony. Specify which is which for proper indication.
  • Not Adding Proper Direction – Along with the proper labels of where your event takes place, you should add a map on the invitation to inform your guests of where it is exactly. While you can always add written directions, a map will always come in handy just in case your guests interpret the directions written the wrong way. This is highly important especially when your ceremony venue and your reception venue are in two separate places.
  • Adding Too Much Information – Do not make your marriage invitation your wedding diary. Add the important information alone and skip the extra parts. Blocks of texts will just be skipped by your guests. Instead, focus on the highlights of your wedding. This way, you won’t have to use multiple pages of the invitation card thus, which lowers the costs of producing your invitation. Also, keeping your invitation concise will leave an element of surprise as you celebrate your big day with the rest of your guests.
  • Not Ordering Enough Number of Invitation – You do not want to come short with regard to your invitations. Order enough and add some extra pieces to be sure that you have enough for all of your guests including those that you invite at the last minute. The tendency with ordering just the exact amount of the event invitation designs, when you have more guests than you initially expected to invite, you would need to order another set of invitations. And unlike the bulk number, smaller quantity cost more since printing services will add extra charges not to mention the additional charge for rush printing. Give an allowance on your estimate to cover everyone on your list and your impromptu guests.

Jewish Wedding Invitations

Jewish Ribbon Wedding Invitation

jewish ribbon wedding invitation



Printable Jewish Wedding Invitation

printable jewish wedding invitation



Traditional Jewish Wedding Invitation

traditional jewish wedding invitation



Hebrew Jewish Wedding Invitation

jewish hebrew wedding invitation



Kinkos Wedding Invitations

Kinkos Printing Wedding Invitation

kinkos printing wedding invitation



Kinkos Wedding Shower Invitation

kinkos wedding shower invitation



Lace Wedding Invitations

Lace and Burlap Wedding Invitation

lace and burlap wedding invitation



Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation

lace vintage wedding invitation



Lace Rustic Wedding Invitation

lace rustic wedding invitation



Lace Laser Cut Wedding Invitation

lace laser cut wedding invitation



Mint Wedding Invitations

Rustic Mint Wedding Invitation

minted rustic wedding invitation



Mint and Gold Foil Striped Wedding Invitation

minted foil wedding invitation



Vintage Mint Wedding Invitation

minted vintage wedding invitation



Mint and Pink Wedding Invitation

minted pink wedding invitation



Some More Mistakes to Avoid for Your Invitation

  • Sending the Invitation Too Late – Avoid sending your invitations—whether their invitations for a wedding or a general event invitation—so close to the day itself. Not only will your guests have a shorter preparation time, but you will also have a shorter time for accounting all attending guests. Plus, you might have to rush some invitations especially for guests coming from overseas. Do not underestimate the length of delivery time so you have enough days for your guests to set some things up on their end. One way to make sure that everyone has their invitations on time by emailing a soft copy of the invitation template. This way, guests can already see your invitation while they are waiting for the delivered hard copy.
  • Not Setting a Deadline for RSVP – Last but not the least you need to make sure that you give your guests a deadline as to when they should submit their invitation response. You also need the exact number of your attending guests and their decision will affect your estimate. Be firm with your deadline. If they happen to not have a response still with only a few days to the deadline, follow up their response in case they forgot. During the day, you can also remind them again if they didn’t send the respond yet.

What Designs Are Applicable for Wedding Invitations

The styles for wedding invitation vary from couple to couple. It can differ from their taste, likes, and interests. To help you come up with yours, here is a short roundup of the common styles used by most couples who are about to have their most awaited wedding. Read some and find inspiration to get started on your wedding invitation.

  • Formal Wedding Invitation – This type of invitation is used for weddings that have a formal aura as well. Couples who are having a wedding reception in function rooms and other formal places often use this style. Mostly, this uses elegant designs with limited colors. Usually, the invitations are two-toned to keep the overall design neat. Also, the details of the invitation card are very intricate and are printed out on classy paper. The envelopes used on these invitations are a match to the card. In fact, some envelopes have a lining that matches the card to make it appropriate to the card.
  • Floral Wedding Invitation – The weddings that use this style is not as formal as the first type of invitation. This is great for spring weddings and for couples who prefer to have a refreshing look to their invitation than the uptight formal design. The flowers do not always have to be a full picture of whichever flower the couple loves. It can be a watercolor-like painting or it can be in outlines and swirls too. The perfect colors to use for this style are light and pastel colors to match the brightness of the invitation. Additionally, these flowers are good symbols of a blossoming future the soon-to-be wedded couple will have.
  • Vintage Wedding Invitation – Vintage invitations do not necessarily count as formal invitations. It’s just that it uses the elements of a traditional invitation which are formal-like with the art of the new era. It combines monochrome colors with simple floral outline borders or a swirl on the top center of the invitation. This is ideal for couples who want to put nostalgic feelings on the invitation and not just the romantic feeling that is usually felt when seeing an invitation. The paper usually used on this are thin and crisp that in some ways will remind you of a paper scroll.
  • Lace Wedding Invitation – This uses lace elements and ribbons which are added on the invitation card. They don’t really have to be a physical ribbon or lace. It can just be a pattern that looks like a lace cloth and a vector copy of a ribbon. It makes the invitation look formal but not as formal as the typical elegant invitation. Also, lace wedding invitations use vintage elements to complete the ensemble.

Now that you know all these, you have all the key points in making your invitation as presentable as it can be. Take note of the mistakes and find the most appropriate style for your invitation. Best wishes!

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