2+ Best Mapping Analytics Software

Do you ever encounter a time where you need location-based data or any geographical-based information? Have you ever wondered how businesses function well in these locations, while does not do well in other places? All these questions can be answered by this article.

Today, we are lucky to be equipped with different tools that can be used to analyze certain things. There are also different available ways and methods to get data and information for actionable insights. One relatively common method is mapping analytics; this is basically the analysis, management, and handling of location-based data.

Check on the full article to know more about this software, its benefits, its features, the top 10 software available in the market, and the answers to the frequently asked questions.

1. Salesforce MapAnything



Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $75.00/Month


2. Esri ArcGIS

esri arcgis


Rating: 4.4/5

Price: Free


3. Geopointe



Rating: 5/5

Price: Custom


What is Mapping Analytics Software?

Mapping Analytics Software is a tool used to select, map, explore, manage, and analyze location-based data. This software comes in handy for businesses that use geographic locations in improving their products and services. Mapping Analytics Software provides solutions for mapping analysis needs and aids extraction of location-based data for actionable insights.


Mapping Analytics Software creates an efficient flow for mapping analysis. This software also makes the process faster, quicker, and better for users. This will improve the quality of the data and information. This will also aid decision-making and will make data-driven actions.


Mapping Analytics Software is equipped with capabilities and functionalities to maximize every use. Among the common ones are:

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Geographical Tools
  • Geocoding
  • Integration

There are more benefits and features present on the list of software platforms below.

Top 10 Software

1. Salesforce Map Anything

Salesforce Map Anything is a location intelligence for sales and service brought to you by the number 1 customer relationship management provider in the world, Salesforce. This software optimizes routes, prioritizes schedules, and wins leads. Map Anything offers Salesforce maps, territory planning, live tracking, and location across your business. Salesforce Map Anything offers a variety of features including contact management software, opportunity management, lead management, reports and dashboards, mobile CRM solutions for business, activity management, pipeline and forecast management, process automation, files sync and share, data management, and Salesforce Engage.

2. Esri ArcGIS

Mapping & analytics software and services within reach here at Esri ArcGIS. This software is equipped with amazing capabilities including spatial analysis & data science, field operations, mapping, 3D GIS, imagery & remote sensing, data collection & management. Esri ArcGIS includes features on apps, data, maps, developer tools, training, support, security, and many others. Esri ArcGIS is a highly rated software that can be used for free so check them out now!

3. Geopointe

Mapping made simple here at Geopointe! This software offers features on improving routing, intelligently managing territories, efficiently visualizing spreadsheet data, actionable data, geographic search & analysis, shape editor, calendar-based scheduling, routing & optimization, Salesforce mobile-ready, visual shape editor, CSV layers, heat mapping, check-in & check out, automated assignment, geocoded data, shape library, Google places, thematic maps, demographic layers, marker customization, mass update, and many more customized features. Geopointe offers solutions for sales, operations, executives, and marketing.


What is Mapping Analytics?

Mapping analytics is the process of matching data, managing, and exploring location-based data.

Who uses Mapping Analytics Software?

Mapping Analytics Software is used by data entry professionals, data professionals, small-medium-sized enterprises, big enterprises, analytics professionals, researchers, and other stakeholders.

How much is Mapping Analytics Software?

There are plenty of Mapping Analytics Software products available in the software market, most, if not all, are reasonably priced to cater to different needs, some offer free usage on their basic services, some can be used at a given time, and a few can be used for free forever.


Geographic locations play a significant role in data and data mapping. With this, it is also an important factor where businesses can dissect important data and information for actionable insights and data-driven decisions. The next time that you need location-based data, you do not need to worry because a tool like Mapping Analytics Software is waiting to be used. Check on the full list above to discover the best one for you.

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