OXPS is an extension for a file created in the Open XML Paper Specification format. It is almost like PDF structurally, but need to be converted to PDF format in order to make it accessible through PDF format.

Lots of people complain that they can’t open an OXPS file since they don’t have the compatible operating system; the only solution is to convert the file to PDF through popular converter software. Here are seven most popular freely downloadable or accessible OXPS to PDF converters, which you can use to change OXPS files to PDF formats

1. Online2Pdf- convert free and online

Free Download

This extremely handy OXPS to PDF converter can be used online and free.

  • Apart from converting a file from OXPS to PDF, the user can set preferences regarding compression, view and security.
  • Header and footer can be mentioned as per the user’s requirements.
  • Password can be added to make the converted file read protected.

2. xpstopdf converter- Get the speediest conversion


  • This OXPS to PDF converter is free and online. The user doesn’t need to download any special application for the conversion purpose.
  • The user can upload up to 20 files to be converted to PDF.
  • The user can directly download the converted files one by one or all at a time in a ZIP format.

3. xPS2pdf converter- use it for personal and commercial purposes


  • The service is free and online.
  • Up to 100 files can be converted per 24 hours. This limit can also be increased through personal request.
  • This converter can also be used commercially, but only after getting approval from the service provider. In such situation the system administrator provides a sample code to be used while using the converter commercially.

4. Free OXPS to PDF converter- Downloadable and Free

Free Download

  • This converter is free and need to be downloaded in the user’s computer.
  • It converts the files in both ways, i.e. the user can convert OXPS files to PDF and vice versa.
  • With multiple of options and easy to control operational buttons the converter is immensely popular among its users.

5. PrimoPDF- Free PDF converter

Free Download

  • The user needs to download the free version of the software in his computer.
  • It is very easy to use, the user just needs to drag and drop the file to convert it from OXPS to PDF format.
  • The converter can also create the printable PDF version of the converted file just by one click.

6. doPDF – Free downloadable PDF converter


Free Download

  • It is fast to process and can be downloaded free of charge.
  • This is the only converter whose interface is available in 33 different languages.
  • The fonts used in the OXPS can be preserved in the converted PDF format also.

7. reaConverter- Free downloadable PDF converter

Free Download

  • Using this OXPS to PDF converter is free and quickly downloadable.
  • The user can add a special OXPS file from the source or can simply drag and drop the file directly in the reaCoverter window.
  • Experienced users can use “Command Line Interface” to convert OXPS to PDF software.

OXPS has all the same features as that of XPS format, but it represents an open format only. This format is created in Windows 8 operating system. The Converters mentioned here are very professionally created to help the users in converting their important OXPS files in presentable PDF format without any hassle.

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