As a working parent you probably worry that when your kids come back from school they may be misusing their privileges of using the Internet due to your absence.

You definitely don’t want them visiting adult websites, watching gory videos and reading content that is filled with expletives. To be free of this worry you need excellent parental control software. Here’s a list of the top 26 must have parental control software.

1. Romaco Timeout

romaco timeout

Romaco is an excellent and efficient parental control software that permits the user to monitor as well as keep complete control of the activities conducted on the PC.

Romaco permits the user to:

  • Limit and control the number of hours a child uses the Internet
  • Prevent access to certain websites and content on the Internet
  • Easy to use and absolutely free of cost
  • Track the total amount of time spent by their child on the Internet

2. PC Screen Watcher


PC Screen Watcher is an excellent parental control software designed to help parents monitor their children’s Internet usage.

PC Screen Watcher is useful because:

  • Control the number of hours a day the child spends on the Internet
  • Prevent the child from accessing adult websites, gory videos and other inappropriate data
  • Sends screenshots of every second spent by the child on the Internet and mails the same to the parents

3. Any WeBlock

any weblock

Any WeBlock is a useful parental control software that gives parents complete control over their children’s Internet usage.

Any WeBlock is popular amongst parents because:

  • It allows the parents to control the number of hours the child spends surfing the Internet
  • Works efficiently with almost all Internet browsers
  • Allows the parents to completely block the child’s access to specified websites
  • Easy to use and free software.

4. Golden Filter Premium

golden filter premium

Golden Filter Premium is the most ideal parental control software that lets parents control the activity of their children on the Internet.

Golden Filter Premium has the following benefits:

  • Allows the parents to block several social networking tools and websites
  • Parents can even block several gaming sites as well as adult content sites
  • Light weight software that is free

5 .KidLogger


Kidlogger is a fantastic parental control software that helps parents to control their children’s Internet activity.

Some additional features and benefits:

  • The software records and maintains complete details of your child’s Internet activity including websites visited, chat records, emails and other data
  • The software sends screenshots of the child’s activity via email to the parents
  • Free and easy to use

6. k9 Web Protection

k9 web protection

7. Qustodio


8. Norton Family

norton family

9. Verity Parental Control Software

verity parental control software

10. Salfeld

salfeld 1

11. Bitdefender




13. Spyrix Software

spyrix software

14. KidsWatch


15. Sevnsoft Web Patrol Free

sevnsoft web patrol free

16. REFOG Parental Control

refog parental control

17. VisiKid


18. Web Watcher

web watcher

19. FamilyTime


20. SafeKiddo


21. Family Cyber Alert

family cyber alert 1

22. OpenDNS




24. HT Parental Control

ht parental control

25. Parental Control

control kids

26. Mobicip


With these fabulous and effective software available in the market, you now no longer need to stress about what your kids maybe upto in your absence. Download one of these today and lose all your worries.

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