Barcodes are representational codes in the form of images and generally constitutes alphanumeric or numeric text when decoded.

Barcodes help businesses track products, inventory, production, documents, packages etc. and advanced labelling through barcode generator software, it is possible to create, simple as well as complex labels with intricate designs. These software are a great value need to design compliance labels and satisfy industry standards.

1. Free Barcode Generator

free barcode generator

When you need to create varieties of barcodes for any industrial product and then save into images, Free Barcode Generator is a trusted name for the professionals. The other features are:-

  • can create different categories like Numeric-only, Alpha-numeric and Industry Standards
  • edit the image according to the required size
  • lightweight setup tool (around 1 MB)

2. IDAutomation

id automation

This is an advanced yet easy-to-use, WYSIWYG barcode label printing software. The entire program is provided as a single EXE file and can be run from a USB thumb drive. It also:-

  • helps to print barcodes, text and graphics from standard laser or inkjet printers
  • includes a complete uninstaller and is compatible with all major
  • OS can be run through other external devices

3. ByteScout BarCode Generator


When you need to generate multiple and different barcode images that too in different output formats, ByteScout BarCode Generator is a reliable name. Here are its features:-

  • available in PNG, JPG, , BMP , TIFF and GIF formats
  • a light weight software; hence occupies less memory can resize image, customize image colours, add text etc.
  • it is a freeware

4. Wasp Barcode Technologies


This one is often referred to as the best selling barcode label design software in the world. You can also try its trial version before downloading. Its major features are:-

  • manual input along with easy connectivity
  • thoughtfully designed Wizard interface
  • includes RSS and ISBN barcode symbologies
  • supports custom fields from QuickBooks accounting software

5. LabelRIGHT

labelright 2

An award winning bar code printing label design and management software for Windows, LabelRIGHT allows to custom labels and print compliance labels easily as required for the industry. Here are its other features:-

  • create simple designs to very complex labels through powerful labeling program
  • gives free trial options prints to any Windows based printer as well as for laser printer, ink jet printers, and thermal
  • transfer bar code printers

6. SDR Free Barcode Generator

sdr free barcode generator

7. Aeromium Barcode Software

aeromium barcode software

All the above mentioned software is used for generating barcode with image preview features. They create barcodes which support multi dimensional features as well as the industry standard barcode categories.

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