Payroll Management Software has huge importance in the professional world; to maintain the records of the organization, good payroll management software is absolutely essential.

Check from the list of the seven best free Payroll Management Software which are easy to install and work with.

1. Paymastr Payroll

paymastr payroll 1

As the name suggests, it is free payroll software. Whenever you need to renovate tax charts of state as well as for federal, this software will be of the best use. It also includes provisions for non-taxable deductions which make the calculations easier. Just input the total working hours of the employee to get the calculation done.

  • helps to calculate insurance, extra income, overtime related data.
  • create the salary structure of all employees along with payroll summary.
  • generate pay slips of all the employees.

2. CKZ Time Clock Free Edition

ckz time clock

This freeware for any organization can keep a record of the employee timings. This makes it easy for the HR management of the organization to calculate monthly salary

  • can create salary sheet and calculate monthly salary.
  • make automatic payroll reports.
  • easy format to print.

3. EzWagez


This one’s specially made for small business and is a free payroll software to help you calculate the state form 941 return. It keeps a complete record of salary structure and also maintains the payment history reports.

  • build by using VB.NET.
  • automatic evaluation of salaries of the employees.
  • create your own login id.

4. Open Baraza HR Payroll

open baraza hcm hr payroll

This freeware helps the HR to create payroll reports and includes functionality of recording performance based incentives, check employees’ attendance etc.

  • free and efficient payroll software.
  • easy format to get the report printed.

5. Dynacom Accounting

dynacom accounting

To make pay sheets, create salaries of employees, timesheets, this free payroll software can help the HR keep track of the payrol.

  • Generates salary slip, adjust tax deductions, add overtime salaries etc.
  • monitor the performance of employees.
  • maintains the history of the employees.

6. OpenMiracle


This freeware helps to calculate salaries of all employees and generate salary slips, keep record of time sheets for the employees and keep track of the performance.

  • best for small and medium business owners.
  • keep a record of time sheets of all employees.

7. Piccolo – Payroll Management System

piccolo payroll management system

This freeware HR department can manage payroll, create payroll reports, generates pay slips for the employees, check the in-and-out timings of the employees.

  • can be managed with individual login id.
  • keep track of the hourly rate for the employees as well as the pension plans.

When you have to create salary record for all your employees, regulate the attendance of the employees, monitor the performance of the employees. It is important to maintain the Payroll Management sheet with the help of the Payroll Management Software. the above mentioned payroll management software are completely free and offer various features to maintain the “in” and “out” time of employees, monthly salary sheet creation, calculate total number of working hours, monitor performance of the workers etc.

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