Many of us have lots of pictures and images on our computers and may sometimes want to frame them, or send these pictures out as cards to friends but do not have the necessary skills to enhance these pictures. With the help of some free to use software we can easily make changes to the pictures to make them look better.

Here are the best software for editing and framing your pictures.

1. Photo/ Graphic Edges – A basic photo editor

photo graphic edges

Download this software and start editing your pictures

  • A wide collection of frames, borders and other effects which can vividly improve your photos
  • Preview results in real time
  • Quite easy enough for new users while having some extended features for design masters
  • Adding painted, film frames, torn, ripped, deckled, feathered and darkroom styled edges to any grayscale or color image.
  • Provides complete management of every aspect of the design work

2. Corel PaintShop Photo Pro – Touch up your images with a  professional look

corel paintshop photo pro

Download this software and turn your pictures into bright, lively images.

  • Support for various input and output formats
  • All classic photo editing tools plus Smart Photo Fix, Straighten Tool, Color Balance, Local Tone Mapping, Adjust Contrast/Brightness and Makeover Tool.
  • Support for more RAW format images
  • Advanced features like the smart carver, color vibrancy and on text image editing.
  • Ability to create professional looking photo books, amazing slideshows and sharing your work via email is quite easy

3. FotoSketcher – an easy and fast way to make your pictures  beautiful


Download this software to bring out the best in your pictures

  • Easy to learn and use
  • You can get the outputs within a short time
  • Dozens of drawing styles to apply, which are easily customizable by using sliders to configure color, stroke intensity, contrast, and other parameters
  • The preview option lets you check your image before you commit any edits to that image
  • Supports skins to customize the program’s interface
  • Work in batches with several photos at the same time

4. Photo Frame Genius – a simple and easy to use software

photo frame genius

Using Photo Frame Genius you can enhance your photos in seconds

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Supports all popular image format including png, bmp, tif, psd, pic,.
  • Built-in editor helps you resize, rotate, flip and crop any image
  • There are 5 masks and 6 photo frames that you can choose from to apply in your images.

5. Photo Frame Studio – a simple scrapbooking software

photo frame studio

This software will turn your images into scrapbook style images easily

  • Compatible with Windows 8
  • Over 200 frames that can be modified further using the editing options available
  • An user friendly interface that anyone can get used to
  • Apart from frames you can add a mask, the background, a shade or a text to your image
  • Image editing on layer level plus you can design your own compositions
  • Output images can be easily printed.

6. Easy Photo Frame – an easy to use photo framing software

easy photo frame

Download Easy Photo Frame to add frames to your pictures easily

  • An easy to use interface where you don’t have to spend much time to learn it
  • All common editing tools and features are included
  • Light and color adjusting feature, and a red-eye removal function
  • A huge number of frames to choose from
  • text, stamps and several interesting effects, which can turn can be edited to suit your needs

7. Picasa – an elegant image editor


Use Picasa to easily turn your dull looking pictures into lively ones

  • A rich palette of features available for your use
  • Searching photos by names
  • Side-by-side editing
  • Improved sorting based on facial recognition, tags, file importing and tracking features and collections.
  • An exquisite collage creator that has 5 different styles of collages
  • Grouping and sorting feature that makes images in your library easier to search

8. Photo Frames Master – simple yet efficient photo framing  software

photo frames master

Download this software and make your pictures look lively

  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Save images in various formats.
  • Compatible with most of the popular operating systems
  • Lets you alter photo size and rotation and add effects
  • Helps you add art frames, masks, original and simple frames to the photos, making them all the more attractive
  • Many frames, masks to choose from

9. Photo Frames & Effects – a simple framing tool

photo frames effects

Download Photo Frames & Effects and start framing your pictures

  • An easy to use interface that doesn’t take time getting used to
  • All the basic editing tools included including cut, copy, paste
  • Over 270 built in frames and effects that can be applied to your images
  • Ability to add speech bubbles will make your images become more lively
  • Ideal for creating your own personal Holiday cards, Christmas cards.
  • Supports all popular image format types.

10. Photoscape – a compact photo enhancer


Download this software to start beautifying your images

  • Easy to learn and easy to use.
  • Includes RAW converter, batch editor, images combiner, animated GIF creator etc.
  • Good resizing and cropping tools.
  • Supports batch editing of images
  • Adjust the contrast, brightness and sharpness levels in a easy way
  • Hundreds of frames to choose from
  • Standard filters like standard: Cellophane, Newsprint, Crystalize, Embossing or Blur or some uncommon ones such as Reflection and Region.

Without the complexity of premium software and the vast know-how needed to operate them these software will easily turn your pictures into beautiful ones with some amazing effects added to them.

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