Are you fed up with the generic ringtones of your phone? Here is a list of free ringtone maker download. There are free mp3 ringtone maker software, free iPhone ringtone maker software and free Motorola ringtone maker software for you to use creatively!

These freeware ringtone maker software will help you create your own ringtones from your favorite songs!

1. Freeaudiovideosoft – Visually edit your ringtones



This handy freeware software helps you create your ringtones in a simple way – it is 100% free.

  • Supports many audio file formats like WAV, MP3, WMA, audio CD, etc.
  • Edit ringtones in waveform – accurately control ringtone duration
  • Personalize your ringtones with a number of effects like fade in/out, echo, etc.
  • Load audio CD tracks directly
  • Detailed output presets and configuration settings

2. Wavepad – Create personalized ringtones quickly and easily!

wavepad ringtone maker1


Use Wavepad Audio Editor from NCH Software to turn your favorite songs into ringtones fast!

  • Simple step-by-step user interface
  • Supports all major audio file formats
  • Apply various audio effects – echo, reverse, etc.
  • Copy, paste and mix audio clips together
  • Load songs directly from audio CD
  • Trim music down to the section you want
  • Sound effect and music library provided

3. AVCWare free ringtone maker – 100% free software download

avcware free ringtone maker


Make your ringtones from songs in a simple three-step process using this free desktop ringtone creating tool.

  • Supports various formats – MP3, WAV, M4R, M4A, OGG, AMR, etc.
  • Extract soundtracks from your favorite movies
  • Fully supports various mobile phone brands like Motorola, iPhone, Nokia, etc.
  • Fade-in and fade-out audio effects
  • Multilingual support
  • Drag and Drop method – simple user interface
  • Set bit rate, channels and sample rate

4. Fried Cookie Ringtone Maker – Create ringtones fast and easy!

fried cookie ringtone maker


This MP3 ringtone converter software will help you trim and convert your favorite tunes to 30-second phone ringtones.

  • Supports many phone formats – iPhone, Andriod, Blackberry, Sybmbian, etc.
  • Intuitive user interface – simple three-step creating process
  • Software free of spyware, adware and viruses
  • 100% free software – no premium packages or upgrades
  • Con – supports only MP3 audio format

5. Free ringtone software – with Voice Recorder!

free ringtone software


This desktop freeware software is an easy way to create your own personalized ringtones.

  • Easy three-step ringtone creating process with clear instructions
  • Voice recorder option – add your own voice to the ringtone
  • Wave editor to edit your music visually in wave form
  • Audio effects library
  • High accuracy – up to 0.1 second
  • Output formats – MP3 and AAC
  • Input formats various along with Youtube clips and live sound from microphone

6. Freemore Ringtone Maker – Completely free and easy!

freemore ringtone maker


Express your personality by creating your ringtones from your music library using Freemore ringtone maker.

  • Wave editor to visually edit your tunes in wave form
  • Trim ringtone to the desired time span
  • Edit ringtone accurate to milliseconds
  • Directly load audio CD tracks
  • Recorder – live record sounds to make ringtones
  • Preset Qualities available
  • Manual numeric adjustment provided
  • Real-time decoding/encoding to preview ringtone
  • Add audio effects like echo, stretch, etc.

7. AVGO Free Ringtone Maker – free software to make your favorite ringtones

avgo free ringtone maker


This software from AVGO International will help you create a ringtone out of your favorite tune or even funny sounds easily!

  • Easy to use interface
  • Almost all audio and video file formats supported – MP3, WAV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP4, etc.
  • Output formats compatible to various phone types like Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, etc.
  • Batch conversion available
  • Add audio effects like fade in and fade out

8. All Free Ringtone Maker – Create artistic ringtones easily

all free ringtone maker


Be original and create personalized ringtones using this handy ringtone creating tool – 100% free.

  • Interactive wave editor – edit your ringtones visually in the wave form
  • Create ringtones from MP3, WAV, audio CD formats
  • Supports different devices – Blackberry, iPod, iPhone, etc.
  • Detailed output presets and configuration settings
  • Load CD tracks easily
  • Real-time decoding/encoding
  • Millisecond level precision
  • Simple user interface – drag and drop method
  • Preset creator with simplified customization

9. Audacity – Comprehensive audio editing tool free download



Audacity is a versatile audio editing tool (100% free) that will make your ringtone creating process a breeze!

  • High end audio editing – all for free
  • Intuitive interface – ideal for beginners, helpful for experienced users
  • Various help resources – help guides, video tutorials, Wiki, manual, forum.
  • Numerous effects available – Amplify, Auto Duck, Leveler, Hard Emitter, etc.
  • Record live sounds
  • Various specific toolbars – Spectral Selection Toolbar, Meter Toolbar, Transcription Toolbar

With all these excellent audio editing tools at your disposal, you can let your imagination run wild and express your style through your personalized ringtones – and all of them are completely free!

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