Now have email surveillance capabilities and monitor activities of employees over the job with employee monitoring software.

You can easily maintain check over data breaches, as well as the websites the employees are visiting with this software. Let us look at some of the best employee monitoring software which can be downloaded for free.

1. Work Examiner- Track of websites visited and time spent on them

work examiner software

  • Provides you administrative controls to block unauthorized sites.
  • Now improve employees’ productivity and save yourself from various legal problems with the various filtering and monitoring effects of Work Examiner.
  • Detailed web usage reports of employees and content based site blocking with enhanced security.
  • Available for free download and is flexible with many platforms.

2. IMonitor EAM- 360 degree employee monitoring

employee monitoring software

  • Centralised employee monitoring solution allowing you to monitor 1000+ computers with a single server.
  • Real time monitoring of desktop computers allowing you to run 10 desktop computers at the same time and even take control of the remote computers.
  • Real time alerts when an employee inserts a USB, copy or process any file on USB device.
  • Download it for free to prevent theft of your corporate data.

3. Pearl Software Echo Suite- Set keywords to prevent spread of important information

pearl software echo suite1

  • A complete employee monitoring, filtering and control solution for your enterprise to control the leakage of confidential information.
  • Tracks web browsing, chats, IM, company email and web email of all employees even the remote employees.
  • Easily set keywords and phrases which the block the spread of critical information through all sources like posts, mails, IM, chats and even attachments.

4. Spector soft- Flexible employee monitoring software

spector soft software

  • Spector soft can cater to the needs of a single household, a small enterprise or a huge organization.
  • Can be installed on a single PC or as a network based software for large number of PCs.
  • Can monitor activity from any remote location using your PC or even your Android or Blackberry smartphone.
  • Real time alerts and video style recording with data, user and time details.

5. NesterSoftWorkTime- All you need for your data safety in one place


  • Snapshot playback providing you with a definitive proof during and after the action in question.
  • Supports web filtering by blocking access to many Unauthorized websites and 360 degree keyword search with alerting you in case of detection of the specified keyword on employee’s monitor.
  • Detailed and advanced reporting of website usage which can be printed or sent over email.

6. Screenshot Monitor- desktop notification for screenshots taken

screenshot monitor software

  • Highly useful and quality software which can monitor utmost 2 employees and can take 3 screenshots per hour.
  • Cloud based software where all the screenshots taken are saved online and a desktop notification is received on taking a screenshot.
  • Small software with less than 500 KB setup file.
  • If you are not satisfied with free version, buy the paid version to avail useful features.

7. PC ScreenWatcher- Send details of your employees activities on your email address

pc screenwatcher software

  • Handy and small software to monitor your employee’s screen and even having the option of sending the details on your email address.
  • It is password protected and the best part is that its system tray is also hidden which means that you can track your employee without making him aware of it.
  • Download it for free and track your employees’ activities.

8. ActivTrak- Small and invisible employee monitoring software

activtrak software

  • Small software with the setup file of nearly 2 MB.
  • Handy tool to create reports, send alerts, snapshot feature for collecting definitive proof during and after the action and even block many sites to be accessed from the employees’ PC.
  • Cross-platform software which is available for free download and can work with Mac OS platform as well.

9. RescueTime- Detailed reports and information based on employees’ activities

rescuetime software

  • Small and cross-platform software with size less than 2 MB to monitor your employees’ computer.
  • Help you set goals for your employees and this software will give your detailed reports of all your employees’ activities.
  • Compatible for various platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • Can be downloaded for free; also available in paid version with enhanced features.

10. Free Keylogger Pro- Monitor your employees’ PC with password protected software

free keylogger pro1

  • Monitor your employee PC with this amazing key logger software.
  • Easy to install and once installed will remain the system tray and monitor your employees’ activities continuously.
  • Password protection feature wherein the employee can’t change anything in it.
  • Get screenshots during and after the action for definite proofs and also get detailed report on your employees’ time spending habits with this key logger software.

Employee monitoring software provide you with a free way to see who is doing what and for how long. Track applications and internet usage on many PCs easily with these employee monitoring software.

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