Learning a new language takes time and patience but there are times when you do not have the time to pick up some language that we need to know. Say you are on a vacation for a week and the locals speak a different language you need someone or something that’ll translate for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 translation software that will help you in translating from one language to another on the go.

1. King Translate – a free translation software

king translate

Translate and find definitions for words fast using King Translate

  • Can translate words, documents and entire texts
  • Output high quality translations in an instant
  • Easy shortcut for one word translation
  • Options available for basic as well as advanced translation
  • Complete wordlist of over 700 languages
  • Query results can be in the form of audio, video or images
  • Direct links to Wikipedia and YouTube for a better understanding of the origin and cultural reference of a word.

2. qTranslate – a small translation software with big features


Download qTranslate to solve all of your translation worries

  • Based on Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Yahoo Babelfish etc.
  • A hotkey for quick translations
  • Can do a dictionary search or speak text out loud
  • Translation with mouse comes in two modes
  • Translation can be done in any text supporting applications
  • Translation are done in a quick process
  • It has spell check and text auto complete/suggestions features
  • It stores history of your translations and comes with a virtual keyboard

3. Adept Translator Pro – a intelligent and fast translator

adept translator pro

Download Adept Translator Pro to quickly translate text from one language to another

  • Translation of word, text or document to over 70 languages
  • Translation is quick and easy, a single click does it
  • The interface can be customized to be used with 69 different languages
  • The user interface is easy to understand and takes no time getting used to
  • Free continuous upgrades for a better performing software and great user experience
  • All round the clock support, 7 days a week

4. Lingoes – a multilingual translator


Download Lingoes and translate between multiple languages

  • Has dictionary import and export functions
  • Cross translation of words in over 80 languages
  • More than 40 languages supported for full text translation
  • An inventive zoned word translator that translates as many as 23 languages of text to other languages
  • A natural sounding voice that reads out text loud
  • Support for cursor translation in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, MS Word and Acrobat Reader

5. Babylon – a well built translator

babylon translator

Download Babylon for quick and convenient translation

  • Quick text translation with a mouse click
  • Can also convert currencies, measurements and time
  • Single click translation support through all Microsoft products such as Word, Excel etc and Adobe Reader
  • Supports full text translation, full web page and full document translation in many languages
  • Microsoft Office integration supported
  • It produces results using data from a database of over 1,700 sources in over 75 languages

6. Linguatic Dictionary – the only dictionary you’ll ever need

linguatic dictionary

Download Linguatic Dictionary and get your translations done easy and fast

  • Simple and easy to use user interface
  • Quick and easy translation in a single click
  • Quick translation of any word in any application with the capture text feature
  • Searches search term in multiple dictionaries with the option of customizing the search methods
  • Auto completion/suggestions
  • Stores your lookup history
  • Can read out words loud
  • Features multiple skins, multi-language support and automatic updates

7. Free Language Translator –  A free and lightweight    translator

free language translator

Download Free Language Translator and forget all your translation worries

  • Support for all popular document formats – doc, txt, html, pdf, rtf etc.
  • Supports translation of srt and sub subtitle files
  • Automatic detection of the original language through context menu or the detect button
  • Custom dictionary with your own entries
  • Different keyboard layouts, changes with respected to the language selected and selection panel

8. Dixio Desktop Classic – a lightweight translator

dixio desktop classic

Download Dixio Desktop Classic for some quick translation

  • Simple and fast term search with a hotkey or by manually entering text
  • Works on any web page or document
  • Definitions and translations based on several powerful online resources including Wikipedia and Google Translate
  • You can also do image search based on the search term
  • The keyboard shortcuts and order of dictionaries can be set from within the application

9. Goot – a no fuss multiplatform translator


Download Goot for a hassle free translating experience

  • Cross platform application for your desktop
  • Supports a varied collection of languages
  • Google Translator is the default included plugin
  • Other plugins help access powerful online translators, plus there’s an option to add custom plugins written in Java
  • Auto detection of languages make it more convenient for you not having to enter original language every time you want to translate some text

10. ClickIVO – Easy to use translator


Downlaod ClickIVO and translate all the text you want

  • Support for almost any Windows text supporting applications including – web browsers, IM client, any email accounts, office applications etc
  • Can recognize texts and capture them with an inbuilt on-screen engine.
  • It can read out words loud giving you the correct pronunciation of that word
  • No need to go online to use this translator
  • Inbuilt smart dictionaries lets you select the language that you want to translate and the language that you want to translate it to

Yes, these software cannot compare to their human counterparts, but with online and machine translations getting better and better and with some excellent features built in, these software more or less get the work done. So, next time you’re find yourself not understanding a language open up these small but efficient software.

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