Extensible Markup language encodes documents that are both human and machine readable. Today it has become very popular with web designers as it is the base for many web documents such as SMIL, MathXML, RSS etc.

We will tell you about some useful software for editing XML files and all of them are available online for free download.

1. Free XML Editor-compact and lightweight tool

free xml editor

Free XML Editor is a simple yet very powerful text editing tool that can be used to view and edit files with .xml extension quickly and easily.

Key features:

  • C++ code generation
  • Print preview
  • Text files parsing and conversion
  • Selection and encoding Unicode features

2. Xsemmel- compare, edit and see web browser view of multiple XML files at the same time

xml editor and viewer

Xsemmel allows you to modify multiple XML files together with syntax highlighting and comparison between different files.

Key features:

  • Bulk XSD validation of multiple XML files
  • Can compare different XML files
  • Provides tree view
  • Validate against XSD schema

3. XML Editor- simple tool with XML structure tree and syntax highlighted text editor

xml editor

This is relatively simple software that can be used to view, edit and even create interactive XML files very quickly.

Key features:

  • Can be stored in USB flash drive or other such portable devices
  • Plain, simple user interactive interface
  • No installation required
  • Supports simple ‘drag and drop’ function

4. XDoc- Java based portable XML editor

xdoc xml editor

XDoc is small simple software written in Java platform that can be used for editing XML files.

Key features:

  • Build in W3C schemas
  • Supports creation of custom namespace
  • Assistance for element references
  • New document creation for namespaces

5. XMLSpear- free editor that comes with real time validation


It is convenient software for editing multiple XML files together that comes with a very user friendly interface.

Key features:

  • XSLT translations
  • Features XML files in Table and Element view
  • Plug-in interface
  • Support for UNIX and Windows text format

6. XML Fox- graphical XML editing and validation tool

xml fox

XML Fox is a freeware that supports editing and various other kinds of manipulations of XML files.

Key features:

  • XML view, Tree, Grid and XML Script editing modes
  • Can translate XML data to Excel spreadsheet format
  • User interactive interface
  • Can save XML file in XSD format

7. XRay XML Editor- real time listing of parsing errors

xray xml editor 1

XRay XML Editor supports multi document view of XML files. It has a very user friendly GUI that is suitable for both professionals and new designers in the web browser designing field.

Key features:

  • Built-in support for W3C Extensible Stylesheet language transformation
  • Real time transformation of XML structures
  • HTML viewer for quick support
  • Constant line by line parsing of files

8. OpenEditor


9. MegaEditor

megaeditor 2

10. foxe


As XML files has become very popular with designers due to their durability, easy to transfer and maintain features, XML editing software are used dramatically to edit these type of files. We hope that, you find this list useful when searching for software for editing XML files.

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