With big price tags attached to 3D creation tools, your 3D creativity tends to make a dent in your savings but now you can sit back and relax.

You no longer have to spend big bucks on 3D software – there are many 3D creation tools out there today and here are top 10 3D software that are available for free downloading.

1. Blender – a powerful animation tool


Download Blender and create realistic animations and renderings.

  • Completely free and open source
  • Powerful cycles rendering engines gives you photorealistic renderings.
  • It’s modelling tools including keyboard shortcuts and grid layout provides for faster modelling.
  • Accurate shaders allow for more realistic looking graphics.
  • Included rigging tools help you design models faster.
  • Built in animation sets lets you bring your characters to life.
  • Has built in sculpting features.

2. Daz Studio – a 3d figure customization, posing and animation software

daz studio

Looking to start 3D animation on your own? DAZ Studio is here to help you

  • Emphasis on posing and modelling
  • Ready-made models available
  • Allows customization of toggle parts of interface
  • Included layouts for beginners as well as for advanced users
  • Detailed model and morph controls including Genesis
  • Easy model customization with sliders
  • Built-in poses keeps all the worry of customizing your model to match different posture

3. Sculptris – an easy to learn and master 3D software


A 3d animation studio software for professionals and novices alike.

  • Dynamic tessellation to help with your model’s geometry.
  • Ability to import mesh to other sculpting applications.
  • Automatic symmetric modelling on both sides of the model.
  • Automatic UV Creation for easier painting and texturing.
  • Projects textures created in photoshop onto your model.
  • Preloaded materials help in faster modelling.
  • Brush customizations are easy with preloaded patterns.

4. K3D – a popular and user-friendly 3D modelling software.

k 3d

Download K3D and create professional 3D models

  • Python and K3D script engine for scripting
  • Supports alternate script engine plugins and environment.
  • Supports alternate render engines and models.
  • Animation with any value.
  • Renders GL previews to disk.
  • Procedural RenderMan shaders.
  • Bezier Curve channel.
  • Supports multiple image formats.
  • Geometry formats support can be extended.

5. FreeCAD – an open source and cross-platform 3D animation software


Start creating your own 3D models by using FreeCAD

  • Free and runs on all platforms.
  • Full GUI application
  • Can run as a command line application
  • Has built in Python interpreter
  • Includes a testing and repairing tool for meshes
  • Python commands issued can be recorded, edited or saved.
  • Fully customizable/scriptable graphical user interface.
  • Includes robot movement simulation.
  • Import/export to standard formats are quite easy.

6. Bishop3D – A small sized 3D animation software.


Turn your computer into a 3D studio with this software.

  • Full Integration with POV-Ray™
  • Native POV-Ray™ script import capability (more details)
  • Key framing animation
  • Time line tree
  • Powerfull material editor
  • Texture library manager
  • CSG (boolean) evaluation
  • Ambidextrous coordinate system
  • Objects cross reference
  • Transform manipulators
  • Control point manipulators
  • Full undo/redo support
  • Support for all most common POV-Ray primitives

7. 3ds Max – an animation software with high precision animation tool

3ds max

Download 3ds Max and become and expert animator

  • Included camera sequencer
  • Creation of better skins and textures with Dual Quaternion skinning
  • Creation of crowd with better human motion
  • Animation and rigging tools allow for accurate motion
  • Simulation of fluidic effects for emotions
  • Point cloud support
  • Included dopesheet, procedurals and keyframe tools
  • Placement tools allow for easy replacement/ movement of contents.
  • Cloud rendering right from within the software.

8. Maya – the all-emcompassing 3D development software

maya 3d

Discover the magic of 3D modelling with this great software

  • Easy to use GenX that lets you share looks
  • Easy to add foam, froth and bubbles with Bifrost
  • Bifrost guided simulation
  • Easy creation of highly realistic, dynamic and kinetic simulations.
  • Complex 3D effects made easy by Maya nParticles
  • Maya nCloth allows for easier dressing up of characters
  • General animation tools along with parallel-rig evaluation and delta mush deformer
  • Natural looking characters with realistic features

9. Houdini Apprentice – a 3D animation software for    beginners

houdini apprentice

Get down to the basics of 3D modelling with this software

  • Supports multiple formats for export and import (but not interchangeablr
  • Mantra Rendere that allows choosing between micropolygon, raytracing or physically-based rendering
  • Support for transformation and deformation motion blur
  • Multi segment motion blur
  • Included modelling, animation and character rigging presets
  • Pyro effects with realistic rendering of smoke, fumes, fuel, collisions etc.
  • Speed control animation with time scale control

10. Vue 11 – an easy to learn 3D modelling software

vue 11

Get ready to build your first professional looking 3D animation with this software

  • Easy to learn and master
  • Contents can be easily exported to other 3D applications
  • Easy to manage 3D scenery and surroundings
  • Paint entire scenes, backgrounds or layouts interactively.
  • Lively wind and breeze effects.
  • Photo-realistic animation effects and radiosity lighting.
  • Included EcoPainter, Zephyr, AdvancedGraph, KronosFX and Exporter modules.
  • Easy to simulate poses with preset poser characters.
  • Direct access to Cornucopia3D content!

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