Looking for the best animation software to create animation movie or picture? No need to look further as we have amazing collection of easy to use animation software available for free download.

They come with wonderful 3D animation tools, image animation tool, etc. to help you create high quality graphics.

1. Anime Studio- Mixture of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Flash

anime studio software

  • Create amazing backgrounds, insert soundtrack, dialogue and animate 2D characters with ease with Anime Studio.
  • Comes with loads of pre made content and makes it quite easy to upload your movie directly to YouTube.
  • Comes with a handy tutorial which will make you start with the basic animations right after installation.
  • Features bone-rigging system and its trial version available for free right here.

2. Abrosoft FantaMorph- Elegant and simple interface

abrosoft fantamorph software

  • Straightforward interface along with the tutorial makes it quite easy for even an amateur to start with basic animation right away after installation.
  • An instant preview is provided while morphing the sequence of two or more images.
  • Allows easy marking of key points in an image.
  • Dramatic effects like lightning, filters, curves and many more available. Download your trial version for free here and get started with your animation movie.

3. Aurora 3D Animation Maker- Simple 3D software with professional results
aurora 3d animation maker software

  • Now convert your text into a cool animation to highlight it and add watermark or logo in your movie with ease with Aurora 3D Animation Maker.
  • Take your text or logos to an entirely different level with awesome 3D animations from Aurora 3D Animation Maker.
  • All aspects of animation are easily controllable including the playback speed and length.
  • Download the trial version for free here.

4. FotoMorph- Morph one picture into another without any kind of experience

fotomorph software

  • Attractive and intuitive user interface. FotoMorph does contain a little bit of advertising but that is totally unobtrusive.
  • Comes with a sample projects allowing the users to see how the result has been achieved.
  • Not only the images morph, they pan and wrap as well with FotoMorph.
  • Comes with a handy tutorial which is quite helpful for amateurs and easily downloadable trial version for free.

5. MonkeyJam- Stop-motion animations creation with ease

monkeyjam software

  • Creates stop motion movies with ease where individual frames are joined together.
  • Even it helps you create your own recorded stop motion movie by using your frames captured through webcam or digital camera and then organizing the layers to create superb effects.
  • Easy preview option to check anytime whether everything is going right or not.
  • It is a lot of fun and trial version is available for free download.

6. Sqirlz Morph- Saves animation as AVI, SWF or even GIF

sqirlz morph software

  • Simple and compelling tool to morph two or more images and videos into one with ease.
  • Simple and intuitive interface along with basic tutorial which comes in quite handy for amateurs. Getting completely skilled takes time but simple interface is definitely a plus point.
  • Best feature is that animation can be saved as AVI, SWF or even GIF.
  • Download the trial version for free here

7. Stykz 1.0- Totally free with no strings attached

stykz 1

  • Download this amazing software for free and create awesome animation movies to show to people or to use them in other applications.
  • No license fee or hidden costs, the software is available at no cost here.
  • Supports multi-platform animation wherein you can use Mac, Windows or even Linux to edit your and create your animations.
  • Allows customization of each frame.

8. Autodesk 3DS Max- Integrates 3D modelling, animation and composition tools

autodesk 3ds max software

  • Create compelling graphics for TV, stunning 3D assets for games or amazing visual effects for your latest movie with Autodesk 3DS Max.
  • Perfect software helping you manage the deadlines without any compromise on the quality.
  • Available for all versions of Windows Pcs and its trial version can be downloaded for free here.
  • Supports unlimited lights, soft shadows, higher transparency and many other effects.

9. Blender- Completely free software for creating visual effects, animated movies and games

blender 2

  • Features non-linear editing, skinning, 3D modelling, animation and composition tools, smoke simulation and many more.
  • Supports multi-platform animation wherein you can use Mac, Windows or even Linux to edit your and create your animations.
  • Amazing simulation tools to create rigid yet realistic bodies, cloths and many other things.
  • Download this amazing software for free and create compelling graphics and effects for TV, games and movies.

10. PovRay- Cross-platform interoperability and extensibility

povray software

  • Supports various operating system wherein you can use Mac, Windows or even Linux to edit your and create your animations.
  • Build amazing 3D graphics, effects and animations despite the computer’s hardware with PovRay.
  • Easily adjust levels of reflection and refraction with this software and download it for free right here.
  • Easy adaption to many computer builds without any compromise on the quality of the result.

Produce attractive and responsive animations with these amazing animation software which can be used in movies, games and TV as well. They come with intuitive and simple interface to assist even the amateurs in building a 3D world.

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