Security surveillance software will enable you to keep an eye on anything suspicious and will give you an option to take a decision as you see fit.

These software are totally and are available for all platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android etc.

1. ContaCam – A Free and Handy Surveillance Software


Download ContaCam if you want a software that’s available in various languages like: English, Bulgarian, German etc.

  • Includes features such as motion detection and 24 hours digital video recording
  • Supports webcams, WDM and DV devices and MJPEG Network cameras
  • Watch remotely by enabling port forwarding or by using Dropbox

2. Yawcam – A Shortening For Yet Another Webcam Software




Check out Yawcam a webcam software for windows written in JAVA

  • Allows you to stream videos and take snapshots of images
  • Has a built in webserver and motion detection capabilities
  • Password protection facilities and scheduler for online time

3. iSpy: A Free Open Source Surveillance Platform


Download iSpy now to turn your webcam into a surveillance device.

  • Allows embedding the software to a website
  • Pairing capabilities for matching video with sound
  • FTP and SFTP frames from your camera to a remote server
  • Operate the software with integrated command system

4. IP Camera Viewer – Monitor Multiple Cameras

ip camera viewer

Check out IP Camera Viewer to manage your IP cameras from a single software.

  • Multiple cameras can be viewed simultaneously
  • Supports all kinds of IP cameras like: Canon, Axis, D-Link etc.
  • Supports all kinds of USB cameras
  • Allows you to tweak video configuration properties such as frame rate and resolution

5. EyeLine Video Surveillance Software – The Power Of Security In Your Hands

eyeline video surveillance software

Use EyeLine Video Surveillance Software if you want to create a multiple webcam security system

  • Records 100+ camera source simultaneously and it’s easy to set up with just a mouse click
  • Works with both USB cameras and networked IP cameras
  • Save video footage to a network folder or back up via FTP
  • Email or SMS alert available in case of any suspicious activities

6. TeboCam – A Surveillance Software With Many Features


Install TeboCam if you want to monitor up to 9 cams simultaneously

  • Image movements captured can be published to your website
  • Movement detecion can be started at a specified time
  • Timestamp images for your ease
  • Customize your settings and save them in each profiles

7. Home Security IP Cam WardenCam – A Surveillance Software For Smartphones

home security ip cam wardenca

Check out Home Security IP Cam WardenCam  and turn your Android Smartphones into a surveillance camera

  • Supports Night Vision and improves visibility in low ambient light
  • In case of any motion captured it sends an instantaneous mail to your id
  • High Definition audio and video for crystal clear sound and image

8. WebcamXp


9. Sighthound VIDEO


10. Security Guard  System

sgs home guard

11. Netcam Studio

netcam studio


ip video survevailance

13. Genius Vision

genius vision

Download these CCTV security surveillance software to turn your computer/smartphone in to a security console and ensure protection to your home/office.

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