Sometimes finding the best FLAC to Mp3 converter that works right with minimal time can be quite hard. On this post we have reviewed some of the best FLAC to mp3 converters that has a huge number of users and positive ratings as well as feedback Most of audio converters reviewed on this post are free and supports multiple common audio file formats. Some of the converters are offline while others are online.

1. Free Studio

free studio 1

Free Download

Free Studio is a group of programs bundled together to carry out file format conversion tasks. The software’s has an easy to use interface where user are required to click on the left top of the screen to select his/her desired out filed output. On the screen you have the option to select he audio converter section. The software is capable of converting mp3 audio files into FLAC or FLAC audio files into mp3.

Key features:

  • Supports broad range of file formats
  • User friendly
  • Available for free download on for both Mac and Pc.
  • Allows users to extract audios from YouTube

2. Switch Sound File Converter

switch sound file converter

Free Download

Switch sound file converter is another outstanding free audio converter available on the internet. It has support conversions, whole folder imports and drag and drop. It has lots of advanced settings to help the user get there satisfying desired results. With the Switch sound file converter installed on your pc, you can extract audio clip from your video files i.e. either CD, DVD as well as from the live stream on the internet. The program is paid but allows a 14 day trial.
Key features

  • Supports a broad range of input formats but the output format is limited.
  • Simple to use
  • Supports drag and drop as wells as whole folder imports.
  • Switch Sound File converter comes in both Mac and Windows OS versions



Free Download

Super is a superior FLAC to Mp3 and other audio conversion software. The best thing about this member of software is it supports a long list of audio formats other than FLAC. If you have a rare audio file and you want it converted you can user SUPER converter.

Key Features

  • Allows users to extract audio clips from video files
  • Converts FLAC to mp3 with ease
  • Supports hundreds of audio file formats for both input and output.

4.  FileZigZag


Free Download

Last on the list is File Zigzag. This is an online audio file converter that will convert your FLAC audio file to mp3 vice versa. It simple to use and it works perfectly as people who used it said. The service is free.

Key features:

  • User friendly
  • Supports a wide range of audio files
  • It only requires a browser to access its services

After reading this post I bet now you have a clue on which software you should use to convert your audio file into mp3. All the software mentioned here are free and are tried and tested to confirm whether they work right as their developers claims.

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