Folder Lock Software – The ultimate choice to protect your valuable files
Don’t you want to your sensitive and important files safe, not only from the reach of some inmates but also from accidental deletion. Folder Lock is fantastic safeguarding software that protects your files, folders and drives. It can also encrypt your private files. It can secure your files from children, and protects them from viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware.

We will go through some of the Folder Lock software and their features to know in-depth about them.

1. Folder Lock

folder lock 1

Free Download

Folder Lock is a tremendous, complete folder locking program. Free trial version is available for download and the below are its features:

  • Integrated with Windows Explorer and hence very easy to lock
  • Has several options like encrypt files, protect CDs and DVDs and encrypt email attachments
  • Comprehensive configuration settings and password protected

2. Protected Folder

protected folder

Free Download

Protected Folder is a simple, proficient way to hide your sensitive documents. It is free software and has the below features:

  • Locks files and folders and has an option to hide them to other windows applications
  • Easy to use with drag and drop feature
  • Has various configurable options like making the folder read only or deletion disabling

3. Lock and Hide Folder

lock and hide folder

Free Download

Lock and Hide Folder facilitates to guard secrete information on your computer. It also comes with a short 3 day trial version and its features are:

  • Quick hiding, preventing access to files even from recent document lists and password protection for folders
  • Folder cannot be hacked by re-installing windows
  • When hidden the program will not even appear in control panel’s remove program option

4. Folder Guard

folder guard

Free Download

Folder Guard is a potent computer safety program that you can use to block access to files, folders, and other Windows resources. Trail version is available for download and its main features are:

  • Lock files and folders with passwords
  • Hide folders from prying eyes
  • Restrict access to Control Panel and other resources
  • Restrict Internet Explorer from downloading programs from the Internet

5. Kakasoft Advanced Folder Encryption

kakasoft advanced folder encryption

Free Download

Kakasoft Advanced Folder Encryption is an eventual data security answer which enables you to lock folders right away. It comes with trial version and has following features:

  • Two simple steps to lock folders and files
  • Utilizes 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt your vital folders or files
  • Completely removes unwanted files with US DOD 5220.22-M erasure method
  • Supports all windows operating systems

6. SysTools Folder Key

systools folder key

Free Download

SysTools Folder Key is freeware software designed to lock or unlock folders and files.

  • You can add multiple folders and lock them instantly
  • Encrypt folder passwords
  • Release all the password protected folders at once

7. Estelar Protect A Folder

estelar protect a folder

Free Download

Estelar Lock a Folder is a trustworthy tool to shield folder and files by locking them. Free trial version is available for download and its main features are:

  • Locks files and folders comprehensively
  • Protects your folders and files from unauthorized access
  • Gives protection from viruses, worms and Trojans

Hope you got sufficient idea of folder lock software. We have provided info about Freeware software and free trial software to facilitate locking the folders and files, you can try them for all your requirements.

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