A Human Resource Management System or Human Resource System uses a combination of both systems and processes to connect human resource management with information technology through the utilization of HR software. Currently more and more Human Resources professionals choose Human Resources Management Systems to take care of their HR needs electronically. Choosing the right Human Resource Management System takes skill and at the end of the day it has been noted that productivity levels increase as a benefit of choosing the proper Human Resource Management System.

Have a look at the list of Human Resource Management Software provided to determine which one will serve you the best.

1. GreytHR 


Cloud solution greytHR, previously called Greytip Online, is a lifesaver for small businesses. It helps small business owners to operate efficiently and to save time in the fields of Employee information management, Attendance, Expenses, Leave and Payroll. IT is used by more than 2000 organizations in India alone and contains records of more than 175,000+ employees.

2. GoForHR

goforhr 1

Tamba Solutions came up with the cloud based GoForHr initiative as the perfect companion to a growing organization. It is tailor made to meet all the needs of a growing organization. Its hearty workflow is available on the internet and that allows the user to access the information from anywhere anytime, even from handheld devices. Its features include a Employee Database, Recruitment, Attendance, Management, Leave, Appraisal System, Expenses Claim and Payroll.

3. ZingHR


ZingHr is an online cloud based human resource management software that has been made specifically for Indian companies. It provides a complete solution to all needs faced by the organization regarding their employee’s records and activities.

4. Exenta HRMS


Exenta is a free Human Resource Software tailor made for India. It collects and relates all the critical data to the key decision makers for the company so that they can take quick decisions on the spot keeping the company’s future in mind.

5. HRStop


HRStop is online cloud based Human Resource software with built in features such as Payroll, Employee Self Services, Recruitment, Leave and Document Management. It helps the user save time with its vast array of tools.

6. EazeHR


EazeHR is web based Human Resources software created by Eazeworks. It is designed to provide managers, HR administrators, office managers, accountants and employees a workspace for the management of various processes regarding the employees performed by the Human Resources department.

7. AccuPay

accupayhr 1

AccuPay is one of the most complete Human Resource payroll software currently available on the market. It is built in with payroll and other essential Human Resources features for the perfect management of Human Resources across the organization.

8. Saral PayPack

saral pay pack

Saral PayPack provides the user with a complete payroll for their payroll needs. It is highly customisable and it comes in-built with the most required features of a payroll management system.

9. UltiPro


10. JobDiva


11. BullHorn


12. Icims


13. GreenHouse


14. BammboHR


A list of the most useful and feature rich Human Resource Management Software has been complied and we hope that you find the right software to suit your needs in the list.

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