Mp3 tag editor software – A Look At The Top 6 Effective Options
Perfectly tagged MP3 collection definitely makes the playback easier with easy organization and creating of the ideal playlist. Depending primarily on the overall complexity and size of the music collection, there are quite a few paid as well free mp3 tag editor software for windows 6 tools available that would make the tagging job for the MP3 a whole lot easier.

MP3 tag editor software download paid programs definitely come with a whole lot of features that would make it easier to tag the music even with limited mainstreaming source. Let’s discuss about some of the freeware and paid software tools that would make MP3 tagging a lot easier and fun.

1. Media Monkey

media monkey

Media Monkey is one of the most popular MP# tag editor software tools available with robust tag management features to look out for. Tags can be updated automatically. It also supports the user scripts to make the process speed up. For tag cleanup purpose, free version serves the purpose perfectly well. The paid version comes for a price tag of $19.95.

2. Tune Up

tune up

Those who use Windows Media Player or iTunes, this MP3 tag editor software tool would be highly effective. This tool is extremely effective in renaming, organizing, and tagging the files. It scans all the music files and then adds appropriate tag info along with cover art automatically. Those who use iTunes for managing music libraries, this is a great tool to include. Paid version is available for $40.

3. MP3 Tag

mp3 tag editor

Mp3Tag is an easy to use MP3 tagging tool that offers the option to batch edit the tags including TV show settings and media types. The tool can easily convert the file naming convention into actual tags and vice versa. This tool also supports the option to rename according to expression to make the formatting structure perfectly organized. It is available for free.

4. Stamp ID3 Tag Editor

stamp id3 tag editor

Stamp ID 3 Tag Editor is a paid mp3 tag editor software tool and comes for a price of $15. It comes with a very simple and easy interface. Features are minimal but effective. It is considered to be quite a perfect option for those professionals who are looking for effective mp3 tagging tool at cheaper rates but promises to be highly effective.

5. MusicBrainz Picard

musicbrainz picard

Music Brainz Picard is one of the better software tools to consider when it comes to music tagging. Not only does it offer the option to customize tags but also uses a very innovative feature that uses acoustic fingerprints of the songs to the semi-automatically song identification in the collection. It offers easy drag-n-drop option. It is open source and totally scriptable to meet the needs.

6. Foobar 2000

foobar 2000

Foobar2000 is available for free but considered to be quite effect. It comes with advanced tagger to out-tag any program. It comes with loads of features that need to be researched carefully before you start using it.

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