Download Best Offline Dictionary Software and Grow the Best Vocabulary
One of the drawbacks of the online dictionaries is that they cannot be used when you are not using your internet connection. What if your internet balance runs out or there is problem in connection? Do you stop using the dictionary software? Well, of course not. Here is where the role of the Offline Dictionary Software comes in to the scene. You can use the software without the support of your internet connection.

Here is the list of the top 7, most efficient and helpful offline dictionary softwares that you can choose from.

1. WordWeb Free Dictionary


Free Download

When looking for the best offline and free dictionary for your PC it can be hard to look over Word Web.

  • The complete edition is downloadable on your desktop or laptop and does not include any costs.
  • You can find access to more than 15000 words on its database.
  • The software also comes with a translator feature, which supports a variety of languages.

2. The Sage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus

the sages english dictionary and thesaurus

Free Download

When you are looking for an overload of words, the most efficient and professional solution is extended by TheSage.

  • It contains and exhaustive 210000 words and meanings.
  • The Thesaurus also provides an overwhelming 140000 definitions, synonyms, holonyms, hypernyms, antonyms, etc.
  • The multi tab approach allows you to seek meaning for multiple words at once.

3. Ultimate Dictionary

ultimate dictonary

Free Download

The Ultimate Dictionary is one of the best and most popular offline dictionaries for window users.

  • One of the main reasons that have given way to its popularity is the fact that it is highly user friendly and is very easy to install.
  • The software is mainly a compact collection of almost 61 dictionaries, which supports multiple languages like, Spanish, English, French, Polish, etc.
  • It serves not only as a dictionary, but also as a thesaurus and glossary.

4. Stardict


Free Download

If you are looking for the latest and most unique features in your offline dictionary, then you are definitely looking for Stardict.

  • The Fuzz query is one of the most unique features incorporated in the software. It helps you remember spellings, when you forget how to spell a definite word.
  • To use the software you do not have to download it. All you have to do is click on the icon, and a window will appear on the top right hand side.

5. Lingo Pad


Free Download

If you are looking for English and German glossary to be precise, then Lingo Pad is the software you should be downloading on your windows PC.

  • Some of the other languages supported by the software are- Turkish, French, Norwegian, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Japanese.
  • You can build and store your own words and terminologies with this offline dictionary.

6. Everest Dictionary

everest dictonary

Free Download

If you are looking for an offline dictionary that has one of the most user friendly and simpler to comprehend interfaces, then you go to software is the Everest Dictionary.

  • The interactive interface, with the wizard and all, make it very interesting for kids and help them learn their words, the fun way.
  • This is the only dictionary that provides results for words in every single European language.

7. Aard Dictionary

aard dictionary

Free Download

Cross Platform, Open source, offline and free, all of these factors work brilliantly for the Aard dictionary.

  • The Dictionary module allows you to look up words both in the Aard and Wikipedia simultaneously.
  • Some of the languages supported by the dictionary are- Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and a lot more.

The best part of these softwares is that you do not need internet to use them and also most of them come for little to no price at all.

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