Pianos are elegant, complex and costly too. Managing them can prove to be quite a hassle.  Though now, you can transform your keyboard into a sweetly tuned piano with a simple download from our list of free piano software.

Use these free piano playing software which are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms.

1. Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard – The Perfect Virtual Piano For Your PC

virtual midi piano keyboard

Download Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard, a widely popular MIDI based piano playing software.

  • This software doesn’t itself have any sound. A MIDI based synthesizer (hardware or software) is needed to create sounds.
  • Key notes/ Octaves/ Computer Keyboard Mappings are all configurable
  • Touch Screen Support
  • A completely free software available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.

2. Free Virtual Piano – A Free Lightweight Piano Playing Software

free virtual piano

Use Free Virtual Piano to turn your keyboard into the perfectly tuned notes of a piano.

  • Keyboard integration available which enables you to play from Key 1 to Key M of a keyboard.
  • Well designed interface for a pleasant experience
  • Recording your creations and save them in MP3 format
  • Cons: Too many advertisements

3. Piano FX Studio – An Advanced Piano Playing Software

pianofx studio

Use Piano FX Studio if you want an array of options besides playing piano on your PC.

  • Interface designed to resemble an actual Piano
  • Produces a ultra-high quality MIDI sound output
  • 127 different musical and percussion instruments, 4 note polyphonic sounds, 10 drum synthesizer machine available
  • Recording option available with the output saved in a WAV format
  • Works on all available Windows operating systems
  • Cons: Free trial period, with option to buy at the end

4. Electronic Piano: An Easy To Use Piano Emulator

electronic piano

Download Electronic Piano if you want a basic program for playing Piano.

  • Supports a wide range of sound styles
  • Choose from a lot of instruments to play
  • Special effects like helicopter sound, applause, gun shots etc. are available
  • Displays the note chart while playing
  • Cons: Tones are out-of-tune
    and slower response when a key is pressed.

5. Song Studio: A Piano Playing Software For The Music Lover

song studio

Download Song Studio, a software that enables you to recreate a music studio.

  • Record your voice and mix it with other instruments
  • Two other major instruments covered besides Piano, i.e. Drum and Guitar
  • Audio Equalizers available which enables you adjust the sound to your pleasure
  • Completely free, with no added upgrades
  • Cons: Compatible only with Windows 8.

6. HS- Virtual Piano: A Basic Piano Playing Software For Beginners

hs virtual piano

Use HS- Virtual Piano to access a MIDI enabled basic piano sound producing software

  • MIDI piano which emulates most of the effects of a working piano
  • Backing music like drums and percussions available
  • 128 instruments to choose from, with all 36 notes available
  • Totally free with no added upgrades
  • Cons: Dull interface with no different skins
    and, compatible only with Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista

7. ButtonBeats Piano: A Flash App For Playing Piano

buttonbeats piano

Download ButtonBeats Piano for getting the best experience of playing a piano without having one.

  • Interface is designed to look like a real life keyboard
  • Recording options available with added features such as Loop
  • Displays the key symbol of the keyboard on the interface while playing
  • Sound quality is extremely good and it needs a good sound system for proper experience
  • Totally free with no added upgrades

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