There are many ZIP file Extractor Software but all of them are not available for free. In this article, I am specifically sharing top 7 ZIP file extractor software which are available for free download.

The Free Software list is as under

1. 7-Zip

Free ZIP files extractor. It works on Linux, Windows 7, 8, 10 XP and Vista.


  • Option for encryption.
  • Windows menu integration.
  • Can calculate Cryptographic – analyzing and deciphering of codes.
  • Supports ZIP, ARJ, 7Z, LZMA,VDMK, BZ2, RAR, CAB, MBR TGZ, CHM, HXS, VDI, BZIP2 and 001, 002 etc. formats.
  • Can compress files to ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, WIM and TAR formats.
  • Can create password-protected ZIP and 7Z files formats.

2. PeaZip

Free ZIP files extractor for Linux and Windows.


  • Portable design is available.
  • Assimilates to Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Can develop self-extractor archives.
  • Supports DOT, 7Z, 00, 001, BZ, ACE, DOC, AIR, EPUB, BZIP, DOCX, APK, FLV, CB7, EXE, GNM and APM etc. formats.
  • Can compress flies to ZIP, 7Z, GZIP, WIM, ARC, SPLIT, TAR, BALZ, BZIP2, QUAD, UPX, PEA XZ and PAQ formats.
  • Can create password-protect archives.

3. JZip

Free ZIP files extractor for Windows.


  • No pop up Ads or windows.
  • Assimilates to Windows Task Scheduler menu.
  • The interface of the program can be easily used.
  • Supports ZIP, ARJ, 7Z, XLS, HXQ, TGZ, BZ2, WIM, MSI, BZIP2, HXS, RAR, CAB, TAR, EXE, and LZH etc. formats.
  • Can compress files to formats.
  • Enables the user to create BZ2, 7Z, ZIP, TAR, GZIP password-protect archives.

4. ZipGenius

Free ZIP files extractor for Linux and Windows.


  • Easy to use and at the same time powerful.
  • No popup Ads.
  • Creates password protected archives.
  • Supports EXE, ZIP, RAR, ISO, TAXI, XPI, LZH and TAR formats.
  • Can create secured password archives.
  • It can cope with drives – CD-R and RW.

5. B1 Free Archiver

Free ZIP files extractor for all operating systems – Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.


  • Easy to use, light and fast even on large files.
  • Supports ZIP, RAR , TAR ,B1, LZH 7Z, RPM, CAB ISO, JAR, DEB , ARJ, LHA ,XPI, GZIP, DMG, BZ2, , TGZ, Z, LZMA and XAR etc. formats.
  • Password protected archives.
  • Does not install vicious software.

6. Bandizip

Free ZIP files extractor for Windows 2003, Vista XP, Windows 7, 8, 10.


  • Option to Drag and Drop files.
  • Supports 7Z, TLZ, RAR, ZIP, Z, CAB, ACE, TXZ, EGG, ALZ, BH, XZ, J2J, BZ2, LZH, ARJ, WIM, PMA, ZIPX, TAR, JAR, GZ and ISO formats.
  • Archives with fast speed.
  • Can develop self-extractor archives.
  • Password protected archives option.

7. ZipItFree

As the name suggests, it is free ZIP files extractor.


  • Can use for both – Business or Home.
  • Supports ZIP, CAB, XXE, ACE, TAR, ARC, BH, RAR, GZIP, UUE, JAR, LHA, BZip and Zoo formats.
  • Easy to use, contemporary design.
  • Can retrieve passwords.
  • Does not install vicious software.


All this software mentioned above are easily available for download by following the link mentioned in this article. Download whichever you feel easiest and simple to use and start with the files you have been waiting to extract and/or compress.

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