Bookkeeping can become a true nightmare if someone does not know the intricacies of taxes, revenues, and returns. But the burden can be indeed lightened by using any of the software programs which have been selected by experts on the basis of their prompt service, errorless calculations and ease of use

1. Manager – The Best Comprehensive Account Manager

manager the best comprehensive account manager

Manager provides its services for free; the services include cash management, expense claims, credit notes, purchase orders, stock and inventory, time and service billing, fixed asset management and balance sheet etc.

  • Any kind of queries regarding the functionalities of this software can be addressed by the customer support group.
  • This is also compatible with Windows, LINUX, and MAC.

2. Home Bookkeeping Lite- Biggest Calculations In The Simplest Way

home bookkeeping lite biggest calculations in the simplest way

The latest trial versions of home bookkeeping lite can help managers of reputed firms to manage their personal finances.

  • This is an effective tool which helps fix budgets of events, meets, campaigns and personal tours as well.
  • All the calculations can be either done by manual entry or by importing data from other online sources.

3. Basic Bookkeeping- Accounting Program For Star Accountants

basic bookkeeping accounting program for star accountants

Basic Bookkeeping employs an intuitive method for data entry and calculation of income/expenses.

  • No accounts jargons are used to boggle the laymen who are encouraged to use the Basic Bookkeeping 7.1.2.
  • This free trial version is compatible with all latest Windows versions and has paid upgrades.

4. Easy Pettycash- Best Low-Cost Solution To All Accounting Problems

easy pettycash best low cost solution to all accounting problems

  • All small office and business owners should swear by this amazing accounting software; especially since its primary services are free.
  • Extended Windows compatibility ensures that Easy Pettycash can be used for calculation of office expenses, employee/ department expense, import duty, and price charts.

5. Book Accounts Always Keep A Track On Your Sales

book accounts 2

With the most updated version of this freeware, you can now keep a complete track of your expenses, incomes, and profits.

  • In fact, this doubles as an appointment reminder with your financial advisor, tax attorney, and other experts.
  • Book Accounts can help you check all your savings and credit cards online in no time at all.

6. Payroll Mate 2016

payroll mate 2016

This comparatively new software comes with an extensive 30 day trial period during which you can check out its amazing employee detail managing abilities.

The Payroll Mate can prepare payrolls, calculate all your business taxes, print paychecks, create and export reports thereby saving tons of work and money which you would otherwise be paying an expert to take care of employee payrolls.

7. Simpleplanning- The Simple Planning Software For All Small Business

simpleplanning the simple planning software for all small business

This was designed keeping all the small business in mind who would rather invest in a smart and snappy software than pay a tax expert or an accountant to get their taxes done and expenses calculated. It idolizes an Excel Spreadsheet based design which is completely editable to allow you to record income, expenditure, multiple transactions, while also aiding you to create and print invoices.

8. Zoho Books

zoho books

9. Zip Books


10. Sage


11. Reach Accountant


12. Quick Books


13. Hansaworld


14. ClearBooks


15. Cash Book


16. Canopus Treasury

canopus treasurey

Using any Accounting Software makes a manager’s job a little easier and there is nothing better than finding your best accountant in a freeware which is also capable of juggling invoice prints and employee payrolls.

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