In the modern era of software, the Portable Document Format (or PDF, as it is commonly known) is the most efficient way to present information. And as such, the good worker must be proficient in working with them. This is no easy task, as the format is quite cumbersome for the unaccustomed user Editing, for example, cannot be done directly and requires special software and workarounds.

Moreover, there is a specific set of tools which allow you to split them. And yet another set, to merge them. In most cases, such software is not pre-existing in your system. And one must always use the utmost caution while downloading such material from the web. So, to save you the trouble, we have compiled the following list which gives you a concise summary of all the tools you could ever require.

1. Adobe Reader XI

adobe reader xi1

One of the most frequently used and reliable PDF readers. Overall, this is a reliable PDF viewer with several essential amenities. Adobe Reader XI has an easy user interface and sports the following key features:

  • Multiple annotation and commenting tools
  • Free
  • The ability to convert PDFs to various file formats including text files.
  • The ability to convert other formats to PDFs
  • Digital Signing.

2. PDF-XChange Viewer

pdf xchange viewer1

A free and very fast PDF viewer, PDF-XChange Viewer is an almost essential tool – particularly for Windows users. Easy to use, efficient and having a large repertoire of features, editing software rarely gets better than this. The most noteworthy elements are:

  • Large collection of annotation and markup features
  • Additional features in paid version.
  • OCR support and document searching
  • While it is notably swift as an editing tool, it does not hamper performance

3. jPDF Tweak

jpdf tweak1

This is a free, JAVA based tool that enables users to easily edit a PDF file. A very useful tool, perhaps one can occasionally finds faults with the system for not being sufficiently user friendly.  A multi-pronged tool, jPDF Tweak:

  • Can apply watermarks
  • Can digitally sign documents
  • Can add page numbers
  • Can attach combine and split files

4. PDF Creator

pdf creator1

Essentially a PDF printer, this particular tool can also be installed over a server. While some other tools may be available which serve some purposes better, for deployment on a large scale, PDF Creator is ideal. The chief reasons one would use PDF Creator are:

  • It allows encryption
  • Provides facilities for image compression
  • Allows exports to a variety of formats
  • It is free of charge

5. 7PDF Split & Merge

7pdf split merge1

This is an advanced program with plenty of useful features. A good software for splitting and merging, albeit with a slightly outdated user interface, 7PDF has the following features:8,

  • A working area with 2 tabs with one for splitting and one for merging
  • Splitting can be done in several ways, as per user requirement
  • Merging can be done by adding files
  • Files cannot be previewed, and so a PDF reader is essential.

6. PDF24 Creator

pdf24 creator1

PDF24 Creator is a really user friendly tool. The window is divided into two parts, one showing the computer’s content and the other being the working area. It has prominent use in n performing the following operations:

  • Deleting, splitting and rotating pages.
  • Splitting documents
  • Converting text and images to PDFs.
  • In addition, it provides a preview option as well as the option to send via email.

7. Foxit Reader

foxit reader1

Foxit Reader is a quintessential tool for editing and creating PDF files.  Being free to use, this provides a versatile tool for working with Portable Document Format File, all end users. It enables one to:

  • Add text, comments, notes and annotations.
  • It allows security checking as per the user’s requirement
  • It allows sharing of PDFs via email
  • It has facilities for storing PDFs online

8. PDFill PDF Editor

pdfill pdf editor1

This is one of the most versatile tools on our list. Almost every possible requirement can be fulfilled by this handy little tool. With PDFill PDF Editor, one can:

  • Format a document by setting alignment, width etc.
  • Insert boxes, tables and text.
  • Insert, delete, rotate and rearrange pages of documents.
  • Free, optional registration.

9. SodaPDF


This tool offers a lot to its users. Only the inability to merge and split files prevents this from being the perfect software for handling PDFs. But even in the absence of that, it is still quite a useful tool. SodaPDF can be used for the following:

  • Opening, editing and creating new PDF files
  • Converting PDFs to xls, txt, jpg and various other formats.
  • It can turn scanned pages with text into PDFs.

10. 7- PDF Maker

pdf maker1

This is very simple, free software that is used as a file converter, which is an integral part of working with PDFs. While a relatively large file, it efficiently converts a wide variety of formats to PDFs and is hence an indispensable tool. 7-PDF Maker is perhaps most useful for the following reasons:

  • It can convert more than 80 different formats to PDFs
  • Rather than working as a PDF printer, it interprets the target file and translates it.
  • It can also create a PDF out of select pages of the source file.

Perhaps one of the most versatile formats available, there is little doubt that the PDF is here to stay. In this regard, whether you are new to it or are a seasoned veteran, choosing the correct tools to work with the software is of essential importance. These reliable software programs are the best, undoubtedly.

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