We spend about one-third of our life working. That is a huge amount of time spent on our jobs. While idealists would often argue about how we should spend our life on something more worthwhile than the regular 9 to 5 grind, it is still a reality that people get a job and work.

Retirement means you have done your fair share of work and it is time to relax and have fun. It means you no longer have to take that commute to work or keep up with the deadline. It is a milestone in one’s life and, therefore, should be celebrated. Nothing announces a retirement better than an invitation and you can do it using retirement invitation templates.

Retirement Party Invitation Template

retirement party invitation templates



Retirement Farewell Invitation Template

retirement farewell invitation templates



Sample Retirement Invitation Flyer Template

sample retirement invitation templates



Teacher Retirement Invitation Template

teacher retirement invitation templates



Retired. What Now?

Most people are looking forward to the day when they retire. It could mean a number of things. It could be time to spend with family, a time to travel and relax, a time to start a new business, and so on. Retirement is very much a door for doing new things. Below are some things you may need to know about retiring.

  • Many people find retirement to be boring. Many people are excited about retiring only to find out that it is tedious monotony when they do. Working is not exactly fun but it gives you something to do to keep you occupied. Once retired, you have all the time in the world and it is up to you how you fill it.
  • Many people don’t have enough savings in their retirement. A 2016 study found out that 30% of the retirees have saved $250,000. Some have saved even less than that. Even the $250,000 will not go too far. That is why some people opt to work a few more years before they retire.
  • Many retirees see an improvement in their health condition. Because they are not under stress anymore, it makes sense that their health conditions improve. This could be seen in the first few years as diseases develop as one grows older.

Elegant Retirement Invitation Template

elegant retirement invitation templates



Police Officer Retirement Invitation Template

office retirement invitation templates



Retirement Reception Invitation Template

retirement reception invitation templates



Retirement Invitation Elements

Making a retirement invitation does not have to be a laborious task. You can use the retirement invitation templates that you find online. There are things that go into the invitation that when personalized would make the retiree appreciate it more.

  • Wording – This is one of the most important parts of the invitation. You can make a witty statement about the work done by the person about to retire. You can also place a heartfelt message to that person. This is where you can get creative and show the person how much you appreciated them.
  • Color – This is also something that you can customize. You can choose the favorite color of the retiree.
  • Design – The design is also something you need to think about. You can incorporate the retiree’s work into the design of the invitation. For example, if he or she is a teacher, you can have a chalkboard drawing on the invitation with chalk lettering as fonts.

A colleague who’s retiring deserves to have a great send-off party. The effort put into making a retirement invitation would surely be appreciated especially when it’s customized. The retirement invitation templates you find here could be easily customized so your colleague feels extra special.

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