Same-sex marriage has been legalized in all fifty states of the United States of America since 2015. Despite the constitutional battle between legislators, couples who wish to legalize their union continues to pursue their wedding plans.

If you and your partner are planning on tying the knot soon, you will need a decent wedding invitation to give to family and friends that will join your ceremony. Whether it is a big and lavish wedding or an intimate gathering, you need these cards to officially tell the people you are inviting to come. We have curated some great samples for you to consider using during this joyful occasion.


LGBTQ Wedding Invitation Template

Same Sex Wedding Invitation Template


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Get you and your partner this pretty invitation that has illustrated images of two grooms or two brides on the cover. Inside are your names and the important details of the wedding that should be known by your guests. This uses a playful font style that highlights the things that should be first seen by the readers.

Silhouette Wedding Invitation Template


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This silhouette design has two brides of different gowns top of the names. All the other details are found below the names with the RSVP at the bottom. All these information are put in a cute frame with a black border that contrasts the teal background. If you want something of modern style then this can be the invitation design you are looking for.


Free Printable Same Sex Wedding Invitations

Cute Love Equality Wedding Invitation


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Show the equality found in your love with this love is equal wedding invitation. Five hearts are at the top center, two in blue and gold, while the center most heart is in red with an equal symbol inside it. At first glance, this looks pretty simple with its white background and handwritten-like text. But, if you look at the bigger picture, this has actually more than what meets the eye.

Elegant Mr & Mr Wedding Invitation


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If vintage is your cup of tea, you might want to check out this vintage invitation design for weddings that uses this sand dollar shade card. On the cover is the large “Mr & Mr” wording that are surrounded by the branches of leaves. Below it is the name of the couple that is in script style and the rest of the wedding details in serif. This also comes with a matching RSVP card to help you collect the responses of all invited guests. Get a proper head count of those that are attending plus their dates.

Simple Lesbian Wedding Invitation


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Another simple design that stands out is this invitation that has the words “Mrs & Mrs” occupying the bigger part of the spread. This does not use flowers, shapes, or ornaments on the designs and keeps the colors of the whole invitation in black and white. If you want a low-key wedding, this invitation is the best one to send to guests to have them over the whole ceremony.

Downloadable Same Sex Wedding Invitation Designs

Love Wins Cover Wedding Invitation Design


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Love knows no limits and this invitation just shows it all. On the cover of the wedding card is a statement rather than both yours and your partner’s names. This has a blank space for you to write on and send to your guests. On the cover is very pretty pastel rainbow which seem like it was pasted using a watercolor medium. This is perfect for customized messages that contain your invitation.

Modern Gay Wedding Invitation Design


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A dark modern design with two silhouettes of both grooms are what make this invitation top of its kind. A big full moon is behind the couple with the starry night completing the whole mesmerizing background. In hindsight, this design is considerably elegant for guests of all walks of life. The name of the couple and the phrase “Reception to Follow” is in a script font style to put emphasis on both. Meanwhile, the rest of the information are in plain serif. Modernize your union with this upscale sample wedding invitation.

Pink Mrs & Mrs Wedding Invitation Design


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Pink is often associated with femininity; you often see that most merchandise for female buyers are in this color. Aside from shirts and accessories, this wedding invitation is also in pink. The only accent to this is the lavender shade applied to the other “Mrs” text and lilac shade on the ampersand. This is another minimal yet formal wedding invitation that is perfect for a romantic union of two people in love.


Your choice of wedding invitation is not limited to the choices above. In fact, there are still more to discover that are witty, funny, or fancy. Make your wedding invitation designs as special as your wedding day by starting it with a lovely invitation to give to guests.

Luckily, some of these invitations already come with a RSVP card to save you from all the effort of having to make it separately. Find your wedding invitation from this collection and look forward to a wonderful day that will mark the start of your endless love with the person you will exchange your “I Do’s” with. Best wishes!

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