There’s nothing more fun for children than having a party. It’s a blast for them to partake in a special experience with their friends. If your child’s birthday is coming up, then you’re most probably going to throw him a birthday party for him to enjoy for his special day. So why not use invitation cards to invite his friends over?

You can invite other children over with these fun and elaborate kids birthday invitations. There’s more than ten of them you can choose from, and the designs are all editable and easily customized. If you don’t like those, then perhaps you might be interested in using these princess party invitations instead?

Cool Kids Birthday Invitation

cool kid birthday invitation

Free Kids Birthday Party Invitation

free kid birthday party invitation

First Birthday Invitation

kid first birthday invitation

Printable Photo Letters Invitation for Kid Birthday

kid birthday party invitation card

Vector Birthday Invitation

vector kid birthday invitation


What to Include in Your Birthday Party Invitation

Birthday parties are fun and all, and it’s always an honor to receive an invitation inviting you to someone else’s birthday party. You should never forget a few things when you’re sending an invitation out yourself. Here are some key details:

  • Name of the birthday celebrant – don’t forget to include the name of the birthday celebrant. The people receiving the invitation will feel rather confused as to who the birthday party is for if you forget to put that detail on the invitation.
  • Date and time of the party – it can be rather inconvenient to arrive at the wrong time for the birthday party. You don’t want your guest to arrive late, do you? This will also allow your guests the flexibility to make room for their own schedules.
  • Venue of the party – similarly, remember to put in the exact address of where the party will be held so that nobody will get lost.
  • Extra information – if you want to give your guests the heads up for a specific party detail, then invitations are the best places to put it in. For example, if you want your guests to come in a dressed a certain way, you can inform them through the letter.

Our website offers more selections for invitation templates other than just birthdays. We have invitations for surprise parties too!

Modern Invitation for Kids Birthday

modern kid birthday invitation

Pool Birthday Party

kid pool birthday invitation

Kids Photo Birthday Invitation

kid photo birthday invitation

Minion Kids Photo Birthday Invitation in PSD

kid birthday psd invitation

Printable Invitation for Kids Birthday

printable kid birthday invitation

Invitation for Cute Kid Birthday

cute kid birthday invitation

Personalized Kids Birthday Invitation

personalized kid birthday invitation


Why You Should Use These Kids Birthday Invitations

We’ve really taken the effort into making sure that you have all that you need to make birthday invitations specifically catered to children’s parties. These invites will make it fun for your child, due to the fact that he will be surrounded by his friends during his special day.

The invitations we offer you all vary in design, so you have no shortage of the themes and styles you want — from simple ones to Cinderella invitations to superhero invitations, and even Minion invitations! Remember that these invites are really easy to download and customize and tweak to your liking. This lessens the hassle on your end. You can focus more time and effort on other party details.

We hope that we managed to help you make the best invitation to invite your child’s friends for a fun and memorable party! You can also check out the rest of our website for your other invitation needs.

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