Events can be a fun thing to celebrate with others. It wouldn’t be any fun to celebrate the occasion alone. In order to convince other people to join in on the fun, many use  Event Invitations to get people to come to the event they are hosting, and we have just the thing to help you out!

These event invitations are sure to help you invite others in style. There’s an invitation card on this list for different kinds of events and different designs. If you are not satisfied with them, we even have more that you can choose from.

Business Event Invitation

business event invitation template1

Invitation for Corporate Event

corporate event invitation template

Special Event Invitation Template

special event invitation template

Customized Event Invitation

customized event invitation template


Things to Include in Your Event Invitations

Every event invitation needs to have the complete details one would need to attend. These details are well-known to most, yet some still forget one or two. We’re here to help you out. Use our list below as a guide or a checklist to refer to when you are customizing your Free Invitation Templates:

  • Event being celebrated – your guests in attendance would definitely like to know the reason as to why you are inviting them to an event. You could invite partners, stakeholders, and employees to a corporate event while your friends and family would enjoy an intimate birthday gathering.
  • Date and time of the event celebrated – your invitations would be useless if your guests do not know the when your event is going to take place. Always put in the information of when the party for the event is going to start so that the people planning to attend can make adjustments in their own schedule.
  • Venue for the party – just like the detail above, not knowing where the area of the event being celebrated can be terribly inconvenient for many and would render your invitation useless. You wouldn’t want your guests to get lost, would you? Make sure to remember to put in the complete address of your event.
  • Extra Information – if you have additional details that you would like your guests to know, such as the event’s theme or if there’s a dress code, make sure that it is included in the event invitations.

If you follow the tips we have stated above, then inviting a large number of guests will not be a problem. Adding in these details to your event invitations will be easy since our designs are easily customizable.

Event Invitation Flyer Template

event invitation flyer template1

Vintage Event Invitation

vintage event invitation template

Event Invitation Template in PSD

event invitation psd template

Charity Event Invitation

charity event invitation template

Elegant Event Invitation

elegant event invitation template


The Benefits of Using These Event Invitations

Invitations can really help you garner more people for your party. You know what they say: the more the merrier. When people who received your invitation see that you’ve really taken quite the effort into making the the Party Invitations you have given them, they will get the impression that you have been working hard to make your event successful.


Using these event invitations will lessen the number of details you have to worry about when you’re preparing for your event. It will save you precious time and effort. Further, you will have unique and interesting invitations with just a few clicks. Just download, customize then print them out for distribution. You can even send these online through email or social media so you can save on any printing expenses. So what are you waiting for?  


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