Brochures come in different sizes for different purposes. It has been a well-known reading material that helps promote and advertise a business and or its products. Even services of companies are also put into brochures to ensure the awareness of the public. Making a brochure will require you to use a template, should you choose not to make it from scratch.

The styles and designs of brochures are also different from one to the other. You can see folded brochures of either tri-fold or bi-fold. Meanwhile, other brochures have more texts than images. Discover what brochure you need as you learn more about them in this article.

Business Brochure Template

a4 business brochure template



A4 Business Brochure

a4 business brochure



Business BiFold Brochure

bifold a4 business brochure



Corporate Brochure in PSD

a4 corporate brochure psd



Corporate Business Brochure

a4 corporate business



The Advantages of A4 Brochures

Are you considering making brochures in A4 size instead? Do you know what makes it different from the smaller printable brochures?

For starters, the A4 size is an international paper size, therefore, it is recognizable and available in different countries. You can easily find the paper you need. Aside from that, you can then print bigger sizes of the brochure you want to make. You get a better spread to work on with more words and images to add into it.

Although most brochures you will find are in smaller sizes, you can still find a reasonable amount of A4 Indesign brochures that you can use. Your text font size can also be bigger than usual with the bigger work space that you now have. Photos can be a lot larger which is best for real estate brochures and other model-based brochures. Given that you can find them online, your work becomes more convenient and easier to get done. It helps you achieve your goal at an efficient speed. Download your A4 brochure to get your project started and display your array of products professionally.

Modern Brochure

a4 modern brochure



Horizontal Brochure

a4 horizontal brochure



Corporate Business

a4 corporate business template



Tri Fold A4 Brochure

tri fold a4 business



Business TriFold Brochure Template

a4 trifold business



Modern Corporate Brochure Template

modern a4 corporate brochure template



Designing Brochures: Basic How-To’s to Remember

Just like any other brochure, be it restaurant brochures or medical brochures, you still need to follow the basics of making a brochure. To help you remember what they are, here are a few reminders:

  • Choose the appropriate theme. Match your brochure with the product or service that you are planning on showing to the readers. Some downloadable brochures already have a good theme that you can use directly. Though, others still need to be tweaked to make sure that they fit your specifications.
  • Select the right font. Together with the design, you should also check the fonts used. If you think the font style, size, or color is not suitable for your design, then you can look online for alternative fonts to use. Also, select the right color to match your theme. Follow your company’s color scheme or try put new ones.
  • Summarize the contents. Lastly, keep the contents to a minimum. Justify the texts to make it look neat and add only those that are necessary to have. Do this ahead even before you start fixing the layout of your A4 brochures.

With all these in mind, you are definitely ready to create your own A4 brochures for any purpose you have in mind. You can always come back to our website for inspiration.

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