Companies need to stand out from their competitors in the business, especially if they are still new to the industry. Being the underdog, you need to impress prospect partners of what you can do by putting every information about you in a brochure. Get started today by looking for a template to use.

These templates will make things easier for you as you design how your brochure would look like. The styles are different to blend well with its purpose. Sample templates include wedding brochures and real estate brochures. It is important that you make them really appealing to make a good impression to whoever sees it. Catapult your company to the top with your own business company brochure.

Business Company A5 Brochure

a5 business company brochure



Corporate Business

corporate business1



Business Company Profile

business company profile



A4 Business Company Brochure

a4 business company



Formatting Business Company Brochures

If you want your brochures to stand out from the other brochures that your competitors might have, you would need to format them properly. Remember that the free templates you are using are also accessible by others. That means they too can have the same template as yours. With that, here are some tips to consider.

  • Make the designs of your brochures match the color scheme of your company. But, if you don’t have a specific color scheme currently in use, you can then design your brochure to the most appropriate format that relates to what you do.
  • Use patterns or textures that resemble your product or choose backgrounds that will remind readers of your services., just like how photos of nature are used for Spa Brochures.
  • Adjust the layout of the brochure templates to accommodate all the contents you need to add in your brochures. Don’t let one side of your brochure be full of contents while the other side is left empty.
  • Organize the contents of your brochures ahead of time so you can easily add and fill the layout with the corresponding content you need.

Corporate Company Profile

corporate company profile



Modern Business Company

modern business company brochure



Business Services Brochure Bundle

business services brochure bundle



Dolemper Business TriFold Brochure

dolemper business trifold



Bi-Fold Online Business Brochure

bi fold online business brochure



Venture Corporate Brochure

venture corporate brochure



Distributing Company Brochures

How you disseminate your brochures may also affect its effectiveness. Choose the most appropriate way for you to distribute your brochures and reach a wider audience with the information you want to pass on.

  • Display your brochures in your office so clients can scan them while they wait for their appointment. This is a common method done by most companies. Placing it strategically in places it can easily be seen will help clients notice you more and the other services you have.
  • Send away brochures during events and business fairs. People who visit these meetings are mostly interested in investing in new ventures or finding new companies to partner with. This is common to brokers who give Property Brochures to possible buyers. Take advantage of this opportunity by giving them the brochures you have.
  • Mail them to target clients and give them a response card of what they think about your company. For some companies, this is a very risky move since not all targeted clients will say yes to your proposal. But, if you really want to explore new ways, mailing to new clients will give you an opportunity to find new customers.

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