Opening your own shop is an exciting milestone in your life. There are many things to prepare aside from what is needed inside the shop. These include the brochures you would want to give out to people. Just like how gyms have gym brochures, you also need this to get more customers to visit your business.

Opening a new shop needs as much promotion as it can get and these brochures will definitely give you that. There are ready-to-use to templates that you can customize or samples that you can edit as your own. Overall, brochures are very convenient to use for your startup shop.

Coffee Shop

coffee shop brochure



Creative Shop

creative shop brochure



Barber Shop

barber shop



Cake Shop

cake shop brochure



General Format for Shop Brochures

Different shops offer different things. Regardless, the format for the brochures is almost the same. There are similar things that you will see in every brochure and all of this information are a must to include. Here are the general parts of a shop brochure:

  • What type of shop are you? There are various types of shops. You need to specify which of these shops are you. It will then be easier for clients to track you down whenever they need the kind of service that you offer. Site reasons of what makes you unique and what gives you an advantage from other shops.
  • What do you do? Explain in detail the services you provide and the products that you have to offer. For example, if you are a health shop and you are planning on using health brochures, explain the products that are sold in your health shop. Are you selling organic food or are you just into alternative medicines.
  • How can you be reached? Write the contact details of your shop or your contact detail as the proprietor. If any client takes interest in you or perhaps an investor that is looking towards growing a business partnership, they will be able to reach you using the information you have provided. Also, you can add on any social media sites of your shop so clients may follow you.

Furniture Shop

furniture shop brochure



Gift Shop

gift shop



Pet Shop

pet shop



Sports Shop

sports shop brochure



Tattoo Shop

tattoo shop



Designing Shop Brochures: Things to Remember

Given the importance of brochures, limiting the flaws in your designs will help in keeping its perfect looks. Be mindful of the details of your brochure with the following guidelines:

  • Avoid using bright colors and inappropriate fonts that will make your designs mediocre. These two factors go hand in hand and might just be considered as a small detail but both can actually make or break your brochure design. Follow color schemes and sample fonts that you see on the samples
  • Use elements that relate to your shop. For instance, a wedding shop should add something that will remind clients about weddings even without making it exactly like wedding brochures. This is also applicable to photography brochures, among others. The best thing to do is research for designs related to your shop and use those instead of picking a generic design.
  • Take a second look at your design before submitting it for printing or printing it on you own. Avoid producing new copies again because of a small flaw in your production. The fast this is done the sooner you start the process of printing.

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