The services you have to offer to the public can easily be overshadowed by other businesses. This can happen for multiple reasons but may be resolved with little steps, one of which is making a brochure that explains everything you can do. Choose Brochure Templates to use and customize it to your preference.

Aside from templates, there are printable brochures with different designs for various purposes. Select the type of brochure you need for the kind of service you provide. Consider the things you need to add on the brochure and promote everything about your services in one reading material.

Security Service Brochure Designs

Security Guard Service

security guard service

Security Service Company Brochure

security service company brochure

Community Service Brochure Designs

Community Service Bi-Fold Brochure

community service bi fold brochure

Free Community Service Tri-Fold

free community service tri fold

Food Service Brochure Design

food service brochure design

Business Service Brochure

Business Consulting Service Brochure

business consulting service brochure


An Introduction about Brochures

Generally, a brochure is a timeless method used by many in promoting, advertising, marketing, and educating people. It is applicable to all sorts of businesses and may come in varied appearance. There are Tri-Fold Brochures and bi-fold brochures, for example. These are both brochures yet folded in varying ways and have a different usage. Being familiar with these folds will help you know which one is better for you to use. You can specify in your search that you are looking for this type of brochure to narrow down the results of your search.

Aside from the different folds, brochures also come in different types. There are illustration brochures, product brochures, company brochures, and a lot more. Given that, it will then be easier for you to look for the correct type you should be using for your own promotions. There are important things to remember when making brochures and parts that should not be missed out. Know what these are as you continue reading the article. Give your business partners a good impression with a professionally-made brochure that started from a basic template. Bring out your resourcefulness and creativity in one tangible output.

Cleaning Service Brochure Designs

Cleaning Service Company

cleaning service company

Cleaning Service Tri-Fold Brochure

cleaning service tri fold brochure

Cleaning Service Brochure Template

cleaning service brochure template

Retro Cleaning Service Brochure

retro cleaning day service brochure

Funeral Service Brochure Design

Funeral Service Tri-Fold Brochure

funeral service tri fold brochure

Transport Service Brochure Design

Moving Service Brochure

moving service brochure3


Designing Modern Service Brochures

How your brochures look like will greatly affect its effectiveness. The better you design it, the more it appeals to people. You get to reach out to them in more ways than one. Know these guidelines for designing brochures and keep them in mind as you craft your own brochure:

  • Allocate enough space to explain your services. Choosing the layout of your brochure is the first step to take when making one. If you are using free brochure downloads, choose those that have enough space to completely add your content without the words cutting off in the end. If you must, use bigger corporate brochures to site what you do and how will those benefit your clients. Include key specifications of your services along with its limitations. However, you must still keep things on point to avoid overwhelming readers.
  • Choose the right elements to add to your design. Although something looks good on its own, it doesn’t mean they make the best one for your designs. Be careful on what details you include and preview it properly before making any final decisions. This goes with the photos you pick for your service brochures. Only choose ones that are already in good quality; edited or not. Adding good photos will make readers want more of what they see.
  • Pick colors and fonts that fit your concept. Colors and text styles also matter with the designs. For best results, choose those that match with the type of service you do. There are special designer fonts which use symbols, like tools and equipment, as an accessory to every letter. Nonetheless, you can always use serif fonts to keep everything formal. Lastly, make your font sizes legible for clarity when reading the Marketing Brochures.

Computer Service Brochure Designs

Computer Service Tri-Fold Brochure

computer service tri fold brochure

Computer Repair Service

computer repair service

Corporate Service Brochure Designs

TriFold Corporate Service

clean corporate service

Corporate Service Brochure in PSD

clean corporate service brochure1

Accounting Service Brochure Designs

Accounting & Bookkeeping Service Brochure

accounting bookeeping service brochure

Accounting Service Tri-Fold Brochure

accounting service tri fold brochure

Recruitment Service Brochure Designs

Recruitment Service Tri-Fold Brochure

recruitment service tri fold brochure1

Recruitment Agency Service Brochure

recruitment agency service brochure

Medical Service Brochure Designs

Modern Medical Service

modern medical service

Medical Service Tri-Fold Brochure

medical service tri fold brochure1

Auto Repair Service Brochures

Auto Repair Service Brochure in PSD

auto repair service bi fold brochure

Auto Repair Service Tri-Fold Brochure

auto repair service tri fold brochure


Which Fold of Brochure Is the Most Ideal to Use?

The answer to that still depends on what you would add to these brochures. Are the services you are going to write short or are they in paragraphs? Would you add pictures to it? How big do you want your service brochures to be? These questions are co-dependent to the answer of which brochure to use. If you need a more space to write on with few services to tackle, a classic bi-fold will do the trick. However, if you are planning on writing more with just little details about the services, just like in Real estate Brochures, then trifold and other multiple fold brochures are what you should aim for.

What Are the Information You Need?

A brochure should have your brief company information. Introduce yourself to clients before telling them what you can do. How will you persuade them to avail themselves of what you have to offer when they don’t even know who you are? After that, you can slowly introduce the things that you can make happen for them. Are you into events? Show your service brochure along with sample event brochure template. This will help convince the public to get the service you are offering.

Garden Service Brochure Designs

Garden Service Tri-Fold Brochure

garden service tri fold brochure

Lawn Service Brochure

lawn service brochure

Garden Service Half-Fold Brochure

garden service half fold brochure

SEO Service Brochure Designs

Brand SEO Service Bi-Fold Brochure

brand seo service bi fold brochure

SEO Service Brochure Template

seo service brochure template

Website Design Service Brochures

Website Design Service

bi fold website design service brochure

Web Service Business Brochure

web service business brochure

Real Estate Service Brochure

Real Estate Service

real estate service bi fold


How to Distribute Service Brochures?

There are different ways on how you can give away service brochures and all of which are effective methods. Here are the ways that you can try out for your business:

  • Giveaway in business expos. Are you attending business conferences? Take advantage of this opportunity to give away your brochures. The attendees of these events have big potential to be your next partner or investors, or they can also be your future clients. Hand it out to them along with your business card so they can get in touch with you.
  • Outbound bulk emails. Take a risk in sending emails to who you think will find interest in your services. Use a digital brochure to write the services you have to bring to their table. There are bulk mail systems that you can use to smooth out the email process you need to do. Use templates, like fitness brochure templates, and bulk senders for higher efficiency.
  • Display in your office. The simplest way is to make prospect clients notice your services is by leaving your brochures in areas inside your office where it can be quickly noticed. You can easily reach through it as you discuss things with them and at the same time, they too can read through it while inside your premises.

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