In the business industry, for a company to be widely recognized and eventually lead to them gaining profit, they would need to effectively spread awareness of the existence of their company or inform the public of the products and services that they are offering. One effective method to do this is through brochures, which is not a new practice.

When using brochures to spread awareness, you may opt to go with illustration brochures to provide the reader with more images of what you are trying to advertise than the text itself since there are people who are more enticed with what they see than with what they read. From what we are offering, you can also choose whether to use bi fold or tri fold brochures, it is entirely up to you.

Tri-Fold Brochures

Tri-Fold Brochure

free vector tri fold brochure



Elegant Green Wavy Tri-Fold Brochure

elegant green wave tri fold brochure



Business Brochure

free tri fold business brochure



Travel Brochure

free tri fold travel brochure



What Are Brochures and Why Are They Important?

Brochures are small folded paper or booklet that contains advertising information regarding a business or organization, or the products or services that they are trying to sell to the people.

Even with the existence of e-brochures, or the paperless or digital counterpart of brochures, the traditional printed format is still widely used because it is still proven effective.

With companies, they make use of either business brochures to promote their name and their brand to the people, and they make us of marketing brochures in promoting their products and services while providing the reader with a brief list of benefits that they may gain if they choose to avail of those services.

Brochures are still important nowadays because it is one of the most effective yet inexpensive marketing methods known to man.

Businesses may opt to spend more by advertising through television or radio commercials, online ads, newspaper ads, and even billboards, but the success that can be achieved through the use of brochures is just as similar.

The use of brochures is strongly recommended to those businesses that just started, or those that are on a tight budget. They won’t need to spend a lot to be able to produce and reproduce copies of brochures, and if done well, they would be able to gain customers out of the prospects that they come across with.

Free Business Brochures

Printable Business Brochure

free printable business brochure



Business Marketing Brochure

free business marketing brochure



Vector Business Brochure

free vector business brochure



Free Printable Brochures

Printable Bi-fold Brochure

free printable bi fold brochure



Printable Travel Brochure

free printable travel brochure



Printable Blank Brochure

free printable blank brochure



Free Church Brochures

Church Welcome Brochure

free church welcome brochure



Church Ministry

free church ministry brochure



Church Tri-Fold Brochure

free church tri fold brochure



How To Make Your Own Brochures For Your Business or Organization?

When making your own brochures, there are a lot of factors to consider to be able to make them effective, such as the appearance and the content. While it may not be as stressful to make as it was before the existence of templates, you would still need to consider what your target audience is looking for to be able to grab their attention effectively.

To help you out in making your own brochures, follow the simple steps below:

  • Decide on the purpose of your brochures. If you are planning on making healthcare or medical-related brochures, then you can go with our collection of medical brochures. However, if you are in the real estate industry and are trying to promote residential or commercial properties, you can use our real estate brochures as well. The bottom line is, use the brochure that’s appropriate for your purpose.
  • Make a draft on what you want to include on your brochure. While this may seem to take some time to do, but once you have an idea on the contents of your brochure, the editing phase will become much easier and faster.
  • Based on your draft, look through the templates that we are offering on our website and look for the one that’s suitable for you and your purpose. Once you have found the brochure template that you want, download it to your system by clicking on the download button.
  • Using the photo editing software of your choice, open the template and make the necessary changes to it. Refer to your draft to make this part easier for you. If ever you decided not to make a draft, then the editing alone would be time consuming since you are unsure of what elements to include on your brochure.
  • After you are done editing your brochure design, you may choose to print it yourself or you may also have it printed at printing companies for a fee. Either way, just make sure that the materials being used for printing are in high quality.

Free Medical Brochures

Tri-fold Medical Brochure

free tri fold medical brochure



Medical Care and Hospital Tri-fold Brochure in PSD

medical care and hospital tri fold brochure



Medical Office Brochure

free medical office brochure



Free Real Estate Brochures

Minimalist Real Estate

minimalist real estate brochure



Commercial Real Estate

free commercial real estate brochure



Abstract Real Estate Brochure

free abstract real estate brochure



Who Can Use These Brochure Templates?

Back then, only graphic designers are able to make advertising media through the computer because of its complex nature. The software used by them were not user-friendly and the advertising media itself are difficult to make.

One would need to rely on published or printed brochures to be able to get an idea on how these are and should be made.

But nowadays, with the abundance of pre-designed templates found on the internet, and its compatibility with many user-friendly software, anybody who has the sufficient skill, knowledge, and the creativity to design brochures can use these templates.

But of course, you would also need to consider the demands of the people to be able to make effective brochures.

So if you own or are managing a spa business, you can refer to our collection of spa brochures to promote your business. Or if you are building a career in planning weddings, then you may also visit our collection of wedding brochures to let the public know about your business and how well you do it. If you think you have what it takes and you have the required editing software, then these brochure templates are for you.

Free Spa Brochures

Spa and Wellness

free red spa brochure



Green Organic Cosmetic

green organic cosmetic brochure



Massage Brochure

spa massage brochure



Spa Square Tri-Fold Brochure

spa square tri fold brochure



Free Vector Brochures

Vector Graphics Brochure

free vector graphics brochure



Vector Real Estate Brochure

free vector real estate brochure



Tri-Fold Brochure in Vector

free vector tri fold brochure1



Vector Corporate Brochure

free vector corporate brochure



Free Wedding Brochures

Wedding Planner

free wedding planner brochure



Golden Wedding

golden wedding brochure



Elegant Wedding Invitation Brochure

elegant brochure wedding invitation



Guidelines When Using Brochures For Advertisement Purposes

Once you are in possession of the printed copies of your brochures, you can now proceed to distributing them to the public, which can be done both actively and passively.

Regardless if you are using bi fold brochures or tri fold ones, these guidelines listed below may help you to make the most of your brochures:

  • If you are planning on distributing the brochures actively by hand, make sure to initiate a short interaction with the recipient and provide them with an idea on what you are trying to advertise or promote.
  • If you simply want to leave copies of your brochures in offices or institutions, make sure to ask permission from the people working in that office. If you are trying to distribute medical brochures, you may leave these in hospitals or clinics with the approval of the healthcare providers.
  • If you want to leave a copy of your brochure on car windshields, underneath door gaps, or inside the pages of newspapers, make sure that the front page where the headline can be seen is facing upwards or is the first thing that the reader will see upon catching a glance at the brochure.

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