Food brochures are made to showcase different food options in a restaurant, bakery, and other shops that sell them. They are given out as a regular informative material that explains to readers the benefits of different food types or as a typical handout that explains the difference of each kind of food i.e. types of wine, cheese, etc.

You can search for samples for this type of brochure to find inspiration and ideas on how you can make your own. Some food brochures may look similar to a fitness brochure template and a health brochure. Download your template now to get started with the food brochure you are giving away.

Food Product

food product



Food Brochure Template

food brochure template



Bakery Food TriFold Brochure

bakery food trifold brochure



Things to Include in a Food Brochure

The contents of each Brochure Templates differ from one to the other. This is mostly because of the purpose of these brochures. But, there are default contents that you will never miss to see. These are as follows:

  • Professionally-taken photos. Photos of featured food items are never missed out in food brochures. However, these pictures are not just like any other photos. They are professionally-taken or at least, in high-resolution to make sure that they look appetizing. The food in the photo has to look fresh as well.
  • Description of food. A short description of the food that is being shown is also required in the brochure. For cooked dishes, the ingredients can be used in the description or the process of how it was cooked can be written down. A short explanation is also important so readers will know why that particular food was featured.
  • Where to find them. Mention where the food items can be found, especially if these are seasonal goods. This is because some types of food are only located in a certain place or are rich in one specific area but rare in some.

Elegant Food Menu Brochure

elegant food menu brochure



Food Factory Brochure

food factory brochure template



Nutrition Healthy Food Brochure

nutrition healthy food brochure



Food Recipes Brochure in InDesign

food recipes brochure indesign



Restaurant Fast Food Brochure

restaurant fast food brochure


Where Are Food Brochures Used?

There are different ways you can use your food brochures. Here are examples on where you can apply your food brochures:

  • Menu in a restaurant. Menus in a restaurant are the most common form of a food brochure. It has everything about food that one can order during their stay. These food options come with a specific price and are supplemented with good photos that will make one’s taste buds crave for a luscious plate. Some Service Brochure Template for restaurants are similar to food brochures too.
  • Guide for a dietitian. People who follow a certain diet read food brochures to educate themselves of what should and should not be taken to achieve their fitness goal. These brochures will have more texts rather than pictures to guide people of the nutrients in the food item. Dietitians also give them away to clients to keep them aware different food facts.
  • Giveaway for shops. Specialty shops, like wine shops and cheese stores, have food brochures to educate their customers of the varieties of the product they sell. In the brochure are comparisons of the food items and what benefits one can get from them. They are often left in the counters where everyone is free to get a copy.

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